The Fantastic Four: When SHTF One or More of These Plants Could Save Your Life

man holding up leaves


4. Cattail

In the early spring the young shoots and stalks can be eaten raw or cooked. The flower heads in late spring can be husked like corn and boiled — in fact it has an almost corn-like taste. In summer, the brown-orangish pollen heads can be eaten raw or dried into flour. Fall is the best time to gather the horn-shaped corms (the sproutings of next years’ plants) which are eaten raw or roasted. And in winter, the root stalk is full of starch which can be broken up into water, dissolved, strained and dried into flour as good as wheat flour.

Depending on the time of year and the area in which you live, there should be no reason you can’t find some edible plants to hold you over until you get out of the woods.

To further increase your survival odds, challenge yourself to learn all of the edible plants in the areas in which you frequent so that you’ll be able to easily recognize them when the time comes to rely on your skills.

For far more information on how to make use of these plentiful edible plants, read more at Tactical Intelligence.

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  1. Randy Beeson said:

    Funny how people starve next to a field of grass. Look how fat cows get. The trick is to chew it, swallow the juice and spit out the cellulose left over or you’ll get stopped up.

  2. Tilo Hertel said:

    Buy a good book about wilderness plants and train regularly for the case of SHTF.