The Fantastic Four: When SHTF One or More of These Plants Could Save Your Life

man holding up leaves

pine cone on a pine tree
3. Pine

Every species of pine produces seed (or nuts in this case) and all can be eaten. In the late fall and early winter, the cones can be gathered, opened, and the seeds extracted.

In the spring, the male pollen anthers can be eaten and are high in protein. The inner bark of the pine can also be eaten and surprisingly makes quite a tasty meal if prepared right.

In addition, pine needles can be gathered year round to make a great tea which contains a ton of Vitamin C).

You've likely heard of the plant on the next slide, but not many survivalists know just how many ways this plant can be put to good use during a collapse. 

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  1. Randy Beeson said:

    Funny how people starve next to a field of grass. Look how fat cows get. The trick is to chew it, swallow the juice and spit out the cellulose left over or you’ll get stopped up.

  2. Tilo Hertel said:

    Buy a good book about wilderness plants and train regularly for the case of SHTF.