The Fantastic Four: When SHTF One or More of These Plants Could Save Your Life

man holding up leaves

oak tree

2. Oak

Oak – specifically the acorn – is a great source of food in the fall and early winter time. Like most nuts, acorns contain a good amount of protein and fat which is beneficial in keeping you alive. While White Oak species of acorns can be eaten right after shelling, the remaining oak varieties require processing of the acorns first in order to remove the bitter taste.
The best way to do this is to crush the acorns into a course flour then immerse this flour into water and boil it. Depending on how much water used, it can take only one boiling (at most two) to remove the bitter taste.

The next tree you're quite familiar with. In fact, in a serious SHTF situation, this tree not only can help you make shelter, but there are multiple other ways you can use the bark, cones and more. Check it out on the next slide!

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  1. Randy Beeson said:

    Funny how people starve next to a field of grass. Look how fat cows get. The trick is to chew it, swallow the juice and spit out the cellulose left over or you’ll get stopped up.

  2. Tilo Hertel said:

    Buy a good book about wilderness plants and train regularly for the case of SHTF.