Military Veteran Lives Completely Off The Grid and is Being Asked to LEAVE His Land

man in the wilderness

Being able to live off the grid is becoming a dream for more and more Americans, especially as taxes and costs of living are constantly on the rise.

While many preppers are developing off the grid properties for use in the event of a bug out situation, there are several who are establishing off the grid homes to live in full-time.

This means that costs of living are cut down to a fraction of what they would be otherwise and overall independence goes through the roof.

Unfortunately, many government officials are starting to crack down on this new trend, fining those who elect not to provide their homes with power and water and even moving to evict and jail those who refuse to live the way everyone else lives. Tyler Truitt, a former Marine, is learning this the hard way.

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  1. Audrey Starbeck-Aune said:

    just who is he threatening or imposing on? this is overzealous control of individuals by the government that must stop.

  2. David Crocker said:

    In fairness, to have legal standing to protect one’s self or property, one must legally “own” the land they are on. You can’t just go out in the country and say… I can protect this.

  3. Rick Bryant said:

    Here in Florida, they tried to make illegal to catch rainwater. After a long battle the homeowner won. If you are not connected to the local power company, water and sewer, the will condemn your house. Remember it’s starts at local lever and moves to the county and then national. Stop it now.

  4. William Sills said:

    Nope, A bum shot a cop in the face and the supreme cort ruled the bum had a right to protect his home from an unwarranted search even though the bum was living in a card board box in an alley.

  5. Carl Maddox said:

    More of Obama’s bullshit….when is Congress going to get off their asses and impeach this traitor and wannabe dictator?

  6. Rusty Tucker said:

    keep obamas influence out of the states and civilians rights and business

  7. Daniel Louis Gomez said:


  8. Tony Kross said:

    What kind of Slave$#%&[email protected]*thinking is that? A free man is a Free man and retains all of his rights. WTF ever happened to doing your time? Felon or not, their time has been done, debt paid and end of story

  9. John Skirtich said:

    Yet you can pee in any bathroom you want …. even go into locker rooms ….

  10. Randy Bacon said:

    This government has been taken over by foreign government. And banks it’s going to get worse.

  11. Randy Winningham said:

    Shoot trespassers, Its legal under the constitution, protecting your property and the Government has no rights being their or in his business, they cant even run the congress but they can run this guys life for him, Shoot them, make examples out of them, Bury them where they lay.Its the government own fault if they are too stupid to know the laws of this land

  12. John Dunn said:

    Wake up America, not only the is listening in on you but watching everything you do, like this what I’m posting, it’s not a conspiracy it’s the cold harded truth.

  13. Billy Twowolf Hall said:

    I fell for the y2k bull but i learnt alot in setting up my farm
    I have a generator solar panels a well wood stove
    And a beautiful garden
    But.i also have an electric pole wirh a light this generates an electric bill
    I have a water faucet for my truoth hocked to city water
    Thus generates a water bill
    Now in mist areas you can have a well whete city ir county water is not available
    But to keep the authority oyt of your business you must have electric pole some where

  14. Michael Eldred said:

    Do We have the Right to pursue Happiness, The Right of Freedom of choice???? …They want to Track all homesteads, via power use billing is simple,. ….*s&hc_location=ufi ………….. And Tell YOU how and what you can live in,.,. .. ………

  15. Calvin Thomas said:

    This is not the land of free anymore the only thing free is the air we breath

  16. Iday Vickhal Dhomast said:

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  17. Jodiann-Howard Kelley said:

    Most people today are phony elitist in ideology, who cannot manage their own lives; but think they are so much more intelligent and better off than you, that, they should be able to run your life too. These elitist live in brand new homes they cannot afford, drive brand new cars they cannot afford, and have the latest cell phone; and always, always, always purchase cable tv; but they own NOTHING. Their whole life is a house of cards. They are one payment away from financial ruin. They spend their whole adult life in direct economic servitude to either government, bank, or service providers. They are happy with that way of life and believe that you should live just like them. These city dwelling- utopian socialist have never done without any comfort for very long.
    Most all cities now abide the federal communist edicts borrowed from the U.N.; such as economic development; which is communism. It promises small towns and cities job creation; however, in order to receive this “gift”, you must rat out your neighbor for not mowing their lawn. That way, city officials can drive snobby corporate elites down your streets of gold with pride.
    The other U.N. edict your leaders pimp is Rural Development. These environmentalist nuts believe that you are too dumb to own property, so they take it using the BLM or EPA. While both Economic and Rural Development claim to be saving the environment or preventing “eye sores”; they are in fact enforcing communism upon our sovereign nation. They need to be stopped and sent prison for criminal racketeering.

  18. Dave MacDonald said:

    Tell them to go ahead and hook up power, water and sewer but that your not going to pay to have it installed. First bill comes don’t pay it, they will be out there the next day to shut it off, problem solved. I know it’s not that easy but it sounded good, didn’t it?

  19. Christine Rechlicz said:

    I love this Military Veteran and his courage under fire – a lot of people are thinking of joining that off the grid type of people and have the means to do so. They have had it with damn Government telling them what they should do with their lives. I say Good For You Military Veteran. You are a true Patriot and should be proud of yourself for this Government would fail badly if they tried it. All the Government is for Americans to sacrifice all their hard earned money for their deep pockets they want, so they become multi-millionaires and you end up on the damn street with nothing.

  20. David Blackwood said:

    A ex-friend of mine had everything. A great big house and new car and awesome job at Monsanto and huge yard and pool. He would always shove it in my face and ask when I’m going to get my$#%&[email protected]*together and get a high paying job. I said never. About 3 years later I ran into him and his wife divorced him, took his house and car and most of his financials. He asked me if he could borrow some money till he got paid. I laughed and refused. The following year he was let go do to company purge. Now he owes back child support, back spouse support and has filed for bankruptcy. He now lives in his parents basement. he won’t even consider talking to me now and refuses help. I would feel sorry for him but that wouldn’t help him. Last week he talked to my girlfriend and asked her for money and she slapped him and punched him in the side of the head and told him to$#%&[email protected]*off and stop asking for money. He is a junky now.

  21. Terry Kasparek said:

    Where did these companies get the power to do this? They just want more money!

    That land is his.. He can do what he wants with it…living as he wants !

  22. Robert Wyatt said:

    You see he lives green like the libs want you to . but he can cause you’re not contribute to the pot

  23. Dan Fraser said:

    Best way is to buy an old house in an area that grandfather’s old houses. That is what I did.