Military Veteran Lives Completely Off The Grid and is Being Asked to LEAVE His Land

man in the wilderness

Being able to live off the grid is becoming a dream for more and more Americans, especially as taxes and costs of living are constantly on the rise.

While many preppers are developing off the grid properties for use in the event of a bug out situation, there are several who are establishing off the grid homes to live in full-time.

This means that costs of living are cut down to a fraction of what they would be otherwise and overall independence goes through the roof.

Unfortunately, many government officials are starting to crack down on this new trend, fining those who elect not to provide their homes with power and water and even moving to evict and jail those who refuse to live the way everyone else lives. Tyler Truitt, a former Marine, is learning this the hard way.

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  1. David Crocker said:

    It’s America… “Land of the Free”? If government tries to remove you from your own property…well, sounds like an intruder and qualifies for “Stand your ground” laws.

  2. Jodi Rich-mond said:

    And there’s a ton of people pissed off about the city bothering this veteran. Jerks!

  3. Charles Janoe said:

    I have it tried on my land before, and I’m still here. I paid for the land and its mine and no one has the right to take it away from me.

  4. Jerry Alexander said:

    The offices of these traitors should be raided and those that are doing this should have their asses kicked in the Town Square.

  5. Zain Briones said:

    If you think any land is yours you live in a fantasy world, the government can make any excuse to take it from you.

  6. Luz Floro said:


  7. Thomas Woods said:

    I wish your comment was true Dave but the US has been putting people off their property now for years with no compansation the bill of rights is null and void all propaganda to make you think you have rights

  8. Barbara Mann said:

    We neeed to start fighting back. Let our so called government no we are tiered of them bulling us. Just like yhe farmers.

  9. Eugene Schreiber said:

    Does this man living in a USA State have a Governor ot a communist bought off Governor . Stop this and arrest the federal agents for trespassing . Kick them out.

  10. Kale Fast said:

    I read this article awhile back .. It’s just government bullshit saying what he’s doing is illegal and if you live within city limits which they claim you have to pay for city regulated water and electricity

  11. Pam Shisler said:

    Stay Strong! Don’t let them impose their will on you!
    Good luck!

  12. Terry Holder said:

    Maybe if he would have got a research grant this would have worked for him.just saying.jul

  13. Dana Kerr said:

    off the grid IS legal.. Many in my end of California do it.

  14. Paul Saar said:

    WE THE PEOPLE are the government not the other way around. For the marine next time somebody tresspasses show them the folly of their ways. Three step program post signs no tresspassing then first time$#%&[email protected]*them off property. 2nd time explain the dangers of going on unfamiliar land severe cut or break 3rd time show the business end of weapon

  15. Roy Vaughn said:

    Instead of bothering a Vet who chooses to live off the Grid..Why dont ya worry bout the 50000 or so Vets. Who are homeless…You no good triflen POS Politicians….How bout that Muthafukkers

  16. Bob Moore said:

    Big Brother wants CONTROL of every phase of our lives…!

  17. Justin App said:

    We’ll more and more people are find my stsrtingbto get it

  18. Justin App said:

    If he went to Alaska there wouldn’t be a problem why can’t he live the way that makes him happy and the way he wants besides most people probly don’t have his d skills besides let the guy do some healingcsnt you see that’s what he is doing it’s all a process this is his way of restoreingbhimseld now if the the guy is a felon or a real bad was then yhsts a different story

  19. Amanda R Wright said:

    Could it be because his land is inside city limits? When you move outside of City Limits and just live in the county it changes a lot of regulations and rules and you are allowed much more freedoms.

  20. Justin App said:

    We all are healing in some way Amanda the environment really helps us with that space we need

  21. Walter Koopmann said:

    Is he living within any town/village/city limits – NO. He is on his own two acres outside of Huntsville and should live the way he wants without MONEY GRUBBING POLITICIANS trying to control his life. HE defended this country, now this country should respect his wishs as long as they do not harm anyone else.

  22. David Gibson said:

    When did being homeless become a better option than living in a home that ain’t up to code?

  23. Robert Holtz said:

    In California the fine for not getting permits is double the charge it would have been