Military Veteran Lives Completely Off The Grid and is Being Asked to LEAVE His Land

man in the wilderness

Being able to live off the grid is becoming a dream for more and more Americans, especially as taxes and costs of living are constantly on the rise.

While many preppers are developing off the grid properties for use in the event of a bug out situation, there are several who are establishing off the grid homes to live in full-time.

This means that costs of living are cut down to a fraction of what they would be otherwise and overall independence goes through the roof.

Unfortunately, many government officials are starting to crack down on this new trend, fining those who elect not to provide their homes with power and water and even moving to evict and jail those who refuse to live the way everyone else lives. Tyler Truitt, a former Marine, is learning this the hard way.

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  1. Kyle Catchpole said:

    We sure love marking laws don’t we to the point where we’re gonna need a permit to live

  2. Barbara De Plorable said:

    I will be going through this shortly…cannot stay there but have to pay the property tax anyway. 🙁

    • Jimmer said:

      Once he has public power and water hooked up taxes go from a small amount to thousands.

  3. Tyna Drudge said:

    In Canada you can live off the grid but you still have to pay property tax and get building permits. If you buy property that already has hydro running to it you will still have to pay the hydro company a delivery fee whether you use it or not.

  4. Berkeley Brewer said:

    There is a little more to the story. While I don’t agree with what’s being done to him. A lot was left out of this story.

  5. Berkeley Brewer said:

    He is inside the city limits therefore falls into zoning laws. He put a mobile home on his land where mobile homes are not allowed.

  6. Andrew Vliet said:

    Tell them to remove their service then. Otherwise they’re forcing the property owner to pay for a service they do not want or require. They’ll$#%&[email protected]*and whine, but it’s not their property. Forcing the owner to pay for something they don’t want is extortion. Send them a regular bill for the use of the land for the use of the property in implementing their “service” and start posting leins against their$#%&[email protected]* It’s a game to them and they want you to just give up and pay.

  7. Rolando Villa said:

    Theres a tax for everything, the government has proven they are completely incompetent. Tax for everything=national debt.

  8. Kristy Miller said:

    Berkeley Brewer, I just came here to say that. He should have read up on the ordinances before he bought the land.

  9. Paul Schneider said:

    I tried twice to acess your article on my phone but each time i’m redirected to advertisement pages before the main page can finish loading. You need to reign back your adverts. The first redirect wad by a military clothing page the Honored. The second was by Amazon.

  10. Doug Las said:

    After clicking through 2 pages to read the short article, I notice that he lives inside the city limits and that his mobile home is violating city ordinances (laws). If you choose to live inside the city limits, you have to abide by the laws that everyone else does. You don’t get special privileges just because you served. I live fairly close to that area (a few hours away) and they’re not outrageously tough on regulations BUT, if you choose city living, there are a few rules/laws that you have to follow. I chose to live in the county (rural area) so I get to bypass most of the city rules. He could have too.

  11. Les Gibson said:

    I’m retired military and live completely off grid on 6 acres. I did pay for a permit to get my septic installed and inspected by the county. No big deal. Closest electricity is .25 miles away and they wanted 15,000 to get it to my land plus monthly bills. I said thanks but no thanks. I went with solar. Because we live so far out the county didn’t even make me get building permits. Just a diagram of what we are building so they can tax me on it. No big deal. Taxes are pretty cheap. I couldn’t do what I do if I lived in the nearest small town, 8 miles away, because they have rules. But out here no one says a word.

  12. Jeffrey Lytle said:

    We will probably have to re apply every year for the permit too… those who fail to do so will fight to the death last one standing gets an extension to reapply. Failure to do so again will land you in the fighting pits again… limited one extension per 5 years. When you exhaust your second chance and fail to reapply you will stay in the fighting pits until your new extension arrives… better be a good fighter… ‘murica

  13. Andrew Vliet said:

    Lol – that’s a disingenuous assertion. There isn’t anywhere on the planet which sometime isn’t going to force their rules on you. Entire states are making it illegal to go off-grid, and the rules are being enforced at gunpoint. So much for freedom. Welcome to fascism.

  14. Philemon Frederick said:

    Yes, but if you dare to use it, you will need at minimum 125 million people at your back to get away with it.

  15. Craig Small said:

    Yes much that pertains to this article deals with city ordinances. He doesn’t live in a rural area. I’m don’t defending the powers just giving info that was left out

  16. Les Gibson said:

    Craig Small rules and regulations are put into place for city living, are put there through city leaders by the people that lived there first.

  17. Craig Small said:

    Andrew in theory you may be right but in practice rural areas have less rules. There are many places in Kentucky where I live that are off the grid for a variety of reasons.

  18. Jay Crag said:

    hmmm dont people do their due diligence and research why they can be told to do whatever arbitrary thing any level of govt wants?? permits=permission. who owns you? who owns your land? hint challenge jurisdiction and reply to every notice with a thank you for your offer, but i decline. remember: those who dont know their rights, have none

  19. Ja Carter said:

    Sorry to nitpick, but it’s not (by any definition) fascism. It’s arguably totalitarian, or authoritarian (fascism CAN be these things, but not necessarily, and these things don’t have a bearing on qualifiers for fascism)

  20. Ja Carter said:

    The instances we see state powers like police and regulatory bodies acting against the will of private property owners for the benefit of utility interests (where water collection or renewable energy is outlawed on private land) is more some sort of corporatocracy or neo feudalism even with authoritarian enforcement…

  21. Joseph D Nukem said:

    In other news County officials mysteriously go missing?! More importantly research Proves Kim Kardashian is still a loser. Film
    At 11

  22. Kenny Dean said:

    To much lack of information and to many commentators with no clue.

  23. Daryl Smith said:

    I guess we really are “THE SILENT MAJORITY” as we have allowed the government to “OWN” us.

  24. Evan Frisco said:

    Living on 2 acres sounds like he’s definitely inside city limits, possibly in a zoned residential area. Cities do have an interest in managing the development of areas, and it might not be the best idea to let tent cities and shanty towns pop up. But they should have secondary codes that can apply to those with propper off-grid set-ups.

  25. Douglas Yoder said:

    The government needs to stay the hell out of it. Never let it get to the point where you have to start shooting.

  26. Jamy Coles said:

    Lol we don’t have rights That’s Just an Illusion all we are is free range slaves

  27. Jay Crag said:

    men/women dont ask permission, they send notice and stay in honor. one of the illusions is that one is forced to remain in voluntary servitude. men/women also dont beg for a massa to rule them. something to consider in the next few days

  28. Stefano Colesanti said:

    In Florida you must be hooked up to the grid otherwise the corporate municipality will deem the dwelling uninhabitable throw you off your property and take it from you…….However some older off grid properties do exist in rural areas but the MUNI-CODE will destroy them too…

  29. David Quinn said:

    “For more information on this case, head over to Universal Free Press.” *link takes you to*

  30. Tony Damian said:

    I remember seeing something about this and I believe this guy is within city limits. Need to pick an area out away from folks and in city limits is not it.

  31. Chris Leech said:

    ordinance and law are two different thing. One is for people to get along and the other has more to do with an eithical or moral wrong

  32. Paul Schneider said:

    It’s disappointing because I like, well I assume I’d like, the content of these articles but lol I need to be able to read the article to know that.

    I’ll an article one more shot and then unlike this page if it happens again.

  33. Jason Ott said:

    coercion is theft is stealing, that’s how… let’s see anyone claiming they’re off the grid yet having to pay a property tax not pay it, you’ll see how free you are then from thy corrupt guvment.