How to Survive a Venomous Snake Bite

red rattlesnake

Whether you’re living in an Indiana-Jones-like-fear of these creatures, or you don’t find them threatening at all, venomous snakes will bite you before you have time to really consider your options.

Many people are bitten by snakes when they’re simply not paying attention. They forget to check their surroundings before they move, and end up with a bite on the legs, the arms, or the hands.

Even though only about 15 out of the 8,000 annual bites end up as a fatality, there are many things you can do to avoid becoming one of those unfortunate 15 people in these statistics.

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  1. Carol Blanchard said:

    Vote for Trump and avoid the the bite of Hillary Clinton. Just like this Snake she will bite you before you have time to consider your options if you pull the lever to elect her. God Help us to avoid a second mistake to put another snake in the White House.

  2. Scott Williams said:

    You get bit by venomous snake and your very far from help, you better it was a dry bite or your in serious trouble! Most are dry because the vemon is precious, it take time to build back up and they preferably like to use it on food kills. Nevertheless treat every bite serious!

  3. James Skinner said:

    I don’t need to read this one kill it before it bites you and then eat it it’s a win win

  4. Elmer Newton said:

    believe it or not there is an indian test with these lil fellas in the Cherokee tribe as well as other tribes

  5. Jeremy Boss said:

    If you electrocute the area around your snake bite it immediately diffuses the Venom and problem solved

  6. Chad Rauschuber said:

    Jared Stobaugh David Eller, file this one away for this fall. We have brave work to do when we get out there. The sheet metal needs turning.

  7. Chad Rauschuber said:

    I guarantee any snake that bites me will have the upper hand almost immediately, because no matter how much precious time it takes, he dies before I go to the hospital.

  8. Greg Singler Jr. said:

    Flush it with water and get to a hospital…or move as little as possible if you are far away from help while moving to get help? WTF kind of$#%&[email protected]*is that…tournequit above and get help asap…I would rather lose one limb than die in the wilderness flushing with water and moving slowly…

  9. Jeremy Boss said:

    Lol! Just hook it up to the spark plug cables have your vehicle. Doesn’t feel very good but it gets the job done

  10. Edward Wal said:

    I used to volunteer at the zoo.

    The reptile handler carried a suction device on her neck while working.

    She got bit on the forearm one day.

    She immediately used the suction device.

    It worked.

    She was back at work 2days later. The bite looked like a bad bruise.

    Btw it was a small diamond back

  11. Edward Wal said:

    Im as skeptical my self, but use your science
    . Not your “belief”

  12. Viktor Barna said:

    In our next Article, what to do if you get attacked by a mountain lion. Wound care, walk slow. There, no article needed

  13. James Steffen said:

    Leeches in the desert will save your life!
    The oldest Navajo remedy is using leeches to sick it the poison when is completely out of your system the leech will fall off dead.

  14. Paul Fagan said:

    A thing to remember with this is! If traveling to PNG or Australia disregard this treatment. Apply a pressure bandage and you will live. Also snake detection kits will identify snake species so correct anti venom can be administered,so by washing wound you inhibit this process.

  15. Michael Poirier said:

    Very little on actually treating a snake bite, first off dont wash the wound. Second if you keep the patient calm amd treat it like an orthopedic injury the outcome is fair better… most bites are dry bites unless dealing with a juvinille snake…

  16. Danny Lamb said:

    Odds are if one did nothing they will survive any venomous snake bite in North America.

  17. Bob Murray said:

    That’s wasted time reading your crappy article I’ll never get back