How to Survive a Venomous Snake Bite

red rattlesnake

Even though you've likely read about the latest and greatest snakebite kits, that doesn't mean you should buy one before you go on a camping trip. It's not very likely to help you when SHTF, either. The best thing to do is keep the wound below your heart if possible, keep it clean and find help if the bite is venomous.

3) Don't waste time with a snakebite kit

applying a leg bandage

The reason you want to avoid snakebite kits is because they do more harm than good by pooling the venom in one area. Not only did he not get a single drop of venom out but the suction devices did more damage by concentrating the venom in one region of tissue than if it had been allowed to disperse. Snakebite kits, tourniquets, pressure wraps, or applying ice will only increase the tissue destruction.

After the break, find out what else you should avoid doing if you've been bitten by a snake. This tip is life-saving! 

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  1. Kevin Cornish said:

    Saw a rattler bite a Marine once on an FTX. After 4 days in horrible agony, the snake finally died