How to Survive a Venomous Snake Bite

red rattlesnake

If you do get bit by a venomous snake, it's all about good wound care management. This doesn't mean sucking out the venom with your mouth like some sites suggest. It means only flushing the site with water and keeping it clean until you can get help. Also, don't bother trying to track the snake that bit you down. It's best to stay calm if you just got bit.

2) Use good wound care management

snake bite marks

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If you still get nailed by a venomous snake, your best remedy is your car keys, as in don’t waste time on folk remedies or snakebite kits. Time=Tissue. Use good wound care management by flushing the bite site with water, covering the wound with a bandage and keep calm as you quickly get to the nearest hospital.

Call ahead to let them know you have a snakebite victim so they can be prepared. You don’t need to capture the snake or waste time trying to photograph it as some older survival manuals recommend.

On the next page, learn about one thing older survival manuals recommend, but that you should not bother investing in. Doing this could actually further destroy your tissue that's already being infected with snake venom.

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  1. Kevin Cornish said:

    Saw a rattler bite a Marine once on an FTX. After 4 days in horrible agony, the snake finally died