How to Survive a Venomous Snake Bite

red rattlesnake

Whether you’re living in an Indiana-Jones-like-fear of these creatures, or you don’t find them threatening at all, venomous snakes will bite you before you have time to really consider your options.

Many people are bitten by snakes when they’re simply not paying attention. They forget to check their surroundings before they move, and end up with a bite on the legs, the arms, or the hands.

Even though only about 15 out of the 8,000 annual bites end up as a fatality, there are many things you can do to avoid becoming one of those unfortunate 15 people in these statistics.

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  1. Lance Zahner said:

    Yeah don’t get bit!, that’s how you survive a venomous snake bite

  2. Christian Craig said:

    can anyone tell me the procedure for someone allergic to venom. wife is allergic to even bee stings. cant imagine a snake bite.i do carry a snake bite kit and she has an epi pen. usually no more than a mile from the truck. should i carry her out our leave her and go get help.

    • adnc said:

      you need to rebuild you immunity. Be careful using anti biotics. Get outside and take a few stings here and there. Garden. Walk. Quit being a couch potato in a sterile environment

  3. Judy Ann Smith said:

    Carry activated charcoal with you…clean it good, make a past out of activated charcoal…and cover good. This will immediately start drawing the venom out.

  4. Judy Ann Smith said:

    Carry activated charcoal with you…clean it good, make a past out of activated charcoal…and cover good. This will immediately start drawing the venom out.

  5. Judy Ann Smith said:

    This will work for two to four hours…gives you time to get her to the hospital.

  6. Larry McCullen said:

    I actually checked into the use of a epi pen for venomous snake bite. You DO NOT want to use an epi pen for this.
    If bitten by a venomous snake use a constricting band , use a sawyer extractor if available , keep the bite lower than heart level (if possible) keep calm , do not run or do anything to increase your heart rate because that will speed up the rate that the venom is spread. Do not use ice and get medical attention ASAP.
    An epi pen increases your heart rate which will do more harm than good.
    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure . If in areas with venomous snakes , wear snake boots or chaps , carry a walking stick to aid deflecting a snake , don’t run or you can quickly find yourself running over a snake. Pay attention to your surroundings and be aware of when you have a higer chance of encountering a hidden snake such as stepping over logs , lifting items that a snake can hide under , etc.

  7. Christian Craig said:

    Yeah I figured she should move as little as possible so would carry her if I needed. Thanks for the heads up on the so epi pen. Getting more snake boots this year before bow season open. And any knowledge is good knowledge. I have the snake bite kit with the syringe sucker on it. Hospital is a few miles away from were we hunt. Probably still faster for me to get her there than to explain were we are. Thanks again

  8. Renee' Mayo said:

    Lol. My friend….in the AZ we see snakes each few days. I lived in a apartment complex, where they were in the pool. Crazy

  9. Ed Jones said:

    My wife had too have snake gatters on her if she was hunting or fishing with me for a comfortable. trip.There not exspensive and the 4 times i have been bitting they only got venum in me once.Most snake bite victims kill thereself from gettin very scared and that makes your blood pump faster.

  10. Christian Craig said:

    yeah i have the leggings and the boots. i have been meaning to get her some boots and mine a crap anyway. i will be in cabelas and bass pro in a week and imma pick us up a pair. i worry more about her then myself. not to minchen if she sees a snake she is going to flip$#%&[email protected]*

  11. Stan Laughlin said:

    Thanks for the up to date treatment advice. So hard to convince people this is the BEST treatment method and the old time stuff causes more harm than good.

  12. Larry McCullen said:

    The thing about snake boots/chaps is frequently people get a false sense of security and they get cocky.
    Some snakes are high strikers , striking higher up on the leg than boots protect.
    Boots are no substitute for paying attention and acting with caution.
    Don’t mess with venomous snakes just because you think you are protected. Think of boots like you would wearing a seat belt in a car. Just because your wearing a seat belt doesn’t mean that you’re safe to not pay attention or to take chances.

  13. Bruce Belvin said:

    I’d rather know how to survive being bombarded with multiple ads when I click the link an article written by some dipsht that has never done first aid on a a venomous snake bite in his life but merely copied some new age bullshit he saw published elsewhere.

  14. Joe Jones said:

    Odd you day pray
    That was the instruction in older military manuals for coral snakes and adders etc

  15. Tom Reintjes said:

    Throw some calcium bentonite clay on the bite right away, at least that’s my plan B. Plan A is to not get bit.

  16. Lance Smeal said:

    Activated charcoal on its way from Amazon now… get rid of the snake bite kit n put this in its place… thx for the tips..

  17. Tom Ellison said:

    They are good deep fried. Salt, pepper, some Tabasco. Just sayin. And a cold beer

  18. Steve Foster said:

    I carry activated charcoal, bentonite clay and ecchinacea. Use the charcoal for 4-6 hours, then use the clay. During the whole process take loads of ecchinacea.

  19. Tony Molina said:

    I’ve been bit and u definitely don’t grab a shovel and kill it cuz all did was get it in my system fast.And if u do carry a kit and u get the balls to cut the bite area make your cut up and down not sideways.The two cuts should only b one eighth of an inch long and no longer.Also the suction devise they put in the kit rarely works Becuz the venom is already in your tissue which most venoms destroy first.Call 911 and don’t make them move it what I was told by doctors.Oh and it burns like someone put a hot knife on u and left it there

  20. Stanley Zmyslo said:

    I’ve heard electric shock like from a stun gun can neutralize the venom.

  21. Larry McCullen said:

    Judy…you’re wrong and your bullshit information could cost someone their life !

  22. Kevin Thomas said:

    First im gonna night his head off like Ozzie ozborn then I’m gonna strip naked and run screaming like a banshee getting my blood to pump faster! And the first set of campers I come across I’m gonna start dancing wildly flailing my arms speaking in tongues, hopefully then I will drop dead lolol