You Just Got Bit by a Brown Recluse Spider. Here’s How to Effectively Treat it When the Grid Goes Down

brown recluse spider

Spiders are feared by many people throughout the world. This may be due to their appearance and how they walk. Or it could be their many eyes and the precision in which they build their spider webs. Whatever the case may be, when you ask someone why they're afraid of a spider, it's usually because they don't like being bit by one.

The reality is that there are very few spiders that are dangerous to humans in the world. Although almost any spider can bite, the bites tend to be as about painful and itchy as a mosquito bite.

However, there are a few deadly spiders that will give even the most unsqueamish person pause. If you've heard for the brown recluse spider then you know this is the case. When a person gets bit by a recluse spider, if available that person goes to the hospital.

However, what if a hospital is not nearby when SHTF? The fact is if you're in a bugout situation a hospital may not be an option.

Learn what will treat a brown recluse spider bite when there's no emergency center available. Check out some excellent advice on the next page. 

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  1. Jana Johnson said:

    Are YOU still arrogantly attempting to instill FEAR into the Public, People, Communities, and CITIZENS?

  2. Rick Carnagey said:

    Stungun will neutralize venom. I keep a Stungun have used it on myself and others. No holes fitted on me or others I have used it on!

  3. Carrie White Bennett said:

    If you can’t get deactivated charcoal or bentonite clay you can use wet tobacco,baking soda, and meat tenderiser. Make a poultice and put it on thick. Place a bandage over the bite and change it when the mixture becomes dry and cracks. Problem is usually when a person gets bit by a brown recluse they don’t always realise it right away.

  4. Linda Smith said:

    I was bitten by one on the forehead, let me tell you its no fun, it accually rots the skin, my eye swelled then the rest of my face, had to be checked everyday buy a doctor for a week, have a scare from it!!!

  5. Lee Meggyesy said:

    6-8 weeks? Mine took 6 months and part of my calf melted. It felt like it sounded.

  6. Wayne Mustonen said:

    As Rick said stun gun works. I’m living proof that it does. No scar to show for it though.

  7. Conservative Federalism said:

    A tazer also works, hit the wound directly with an X pattern, swelling and pain should reduce and most of the toxin is neutralized, leaving more than enough time to seek additional aid.

  8. Dean Couch said:

    Wet a paper towel or rag and dump salt on it..
    Apply and hold for 10 minutes, repeat same process for 2 more days… Thst is all that is needed, do not have to go to doctor unless allergic

  9. Judy McKnight said:

    My husband was bit by one at work and he was treated at a hospital for months

  10. Sue DeBord said:

    If you ever get bit by one, demand a high dose of steroids IV followed by oral steroids x5 days. I’ve been bitten 3x and have done this every time. It is amazing after the IV steroid how improved the site is. I am an ICU nurse, I was told this by an Indian doc who told me recluse spider bites are common in India and that’s how they treat them. He said no antibiotics, unless it shows signs of infection, it generally doesn’t.

  11. Nell Frickey said:

    You don’t want to get bit believe me I did and thought I was dying.

  12. Dorothy Bohlman said:

    I was bitten by a brown recluse spider, didn’t know what it was for a couple of weeks. Luckily, it got me in a bruised area of my leg. The doctor at the hospital had me on a large dose of pencillian. Then once we figured out it was a brown recluse spider, I was put on benadryl. After a month, the doctor drew some fluid from the bite area to see if there was any toxins, there was none. But, now I have a permanent bruise on my leg. And every once in a while my leg bothers me, so I take benadryl for a couple of days and it goes away.

  13. CESAR said:

    American indians……don’t you mean native Americans

  14. Patrick Hooper said:

    well thing is there is no anti venom…. just have to flush the system …. know been bit by them and Hobo too… crazy things cause you dont know you been bit till you find it… always check your body everyday

  15. Christina Ricke said:

    I had great success with bentonite clay poultice and oil of oregano topically. It took about 10 days to get all the poison out, but I only have a small pit where the bite was.

  16. Tim Earl said:

    What about after the grid goes down, and there are no hospitals? Like the article states.

  17. Trey Gleason said:

    From reading the article your screwed. By the time you figure out you’ve been bitten much of what the article tells you to do is bunk. I used draw outhe salve ichtiomol and it helps but not much. If you’re diabetic you are going to lose some major flesh and it could prove fatal. Six weeks is what it took to heal for me and I still have the scars today at least 4 years later.

  18. Trey Gleason said:

    Baking soda and topical antiseptic made into a paste and slathered into the wound covered with a bandage and changed about twice a day helps but it’s painful too. You either need some pain meds or be ready to take the pain. My first bite was where my left leg attached at my torso. The swelling was intense and I had to get the wound landed, drained and the necrosis removed. It left a business card size hole in me and the swelling went all around my waist and into my groin. My waist increased by several inches and my groin almost disappeared. Moving for several days was out of the question and I ran a temperature for several days. The pain meds masked the pain but movement still hurt. The other two bites were on my right knee cap. Similar situation but only affected my leg. Skin got so tight from swelling in though it would crack open and bending the knee was out of the question. If the shtf anyone who gets bitten is going to need to stay still for at least a week until the swelling subsides. The worst part is you don’t know you’ve been bitten unless you see it happen. By the time you’ve figured it out the poison has done it’s work and you’re left to deal with it.

  19. Beverly Lee Luthy said:

    I just cleaned my bite out with hydrogen peroxide 2-3 times a day and it went away after about 8 weeks but left a slight scar on my hand. But I’m in good health and have a high pain tolerance so I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who’s not so healthy.

  20. James Buck said:

    Make a poultice out of plaintain! And it will cure it overnight!

  21. Tamara Scott said:

    I agree Chad, these damn pages usually just pull you in for the pop ups. My mom was bitten, and it necrotized the area around bite, very painful and everlasting effects.

  22. John Erdie said:

    I keep bentonite clay in my to go bag and activated charcoal can be made from burnt toast. It is called the universal antidote.