You Just Got Bit by a Brown Recluse Spider. Here’s How to Effectively Treat it When the Grid Goes Down

brown recluse spider


Be Prepared

You may not be able to get bentonite clay from local retailers, so every family that has a possibility of being bitten by brown recluse spiders should purchase it as soon as possible, and keep it ready in storage.

You may appreciate that the treatment uses echinacea because Native American treatments are often remarkably effective at helping wounds like this heal. If nothing else, try keeping the area that got bit by the spider clean. Also, treat other symptoms such as headaches and nausea as they come.

If you ever are put in a situation where you get bit by a brown recluse spider, you now know what to do and how to treat it when there are no hospitals available. Besides, it sounds like this treatment may be more effective than what some hospitals can do anyway.

To read more about natural ways to heal spider bites and more, visit The Health Wyze Report.

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  1. Rose Plummer said:

    I have a scar from my bite and I knew what bit me and was treated the next day with a doctor. It is something that will kill a lot of people after a grid down situation. Painful.

  2. Tammi Jo Bates said:

    Plantain will work that quickly on a brown recluse bite? I know that plantain is amazing but this seems to be too big of a problem. Just curious.

  3. Bill Eaton said:

    The article – an add trap – says apply activated charcoal/water paste for hours, take massive amounts of echinacea supplements until the bite wound completely disappears and using bentonite clay poultice. It mentioned the hospital may also use antihistamines so Benadryl may also be helpful.

  4. Richard Alcorn said:

    For whatever reason, fiddlebacks/brown recluses evidently consider me enemy number one; I’ve been bitten over 20 times. My standard treatment at this point is to sterilize a blade and make an X incision across the affected area, extending about a half an inch out from the primary swelling and then I squeeze it out and pour in iodine from the farmer’s coop. Then I sterilize a needle and poke the reddened tissue as far as it goes and apply the iodine here as well. I have also used laquer thinner when I didn’t have iodine handy. This may not be the method that most would recommend, but it works every time for me. The first time I got bit, I had two bites (one on each calf) and I was about 10 and had heard horror stories about people losing their limbs, so I didn’t tell anyone and one of the bites turned into a spongy grey rotten area about the size of a boiled egg, with my entire lower leg swollen and red and green “veins” radiating from it. I scooped out the rotten area in the kitchen and did the procedure listed above and repeated with the needle for two days and it healed up quickly.

  5. Randy Beeson said:

    Wear shoes, watch what you pick up and avoid a lot of clutter. Also shake out cloths from dark closets.

  6. Bill Cash said:

    Try a black widow bite out 10 times more toxic then a rattlesnake just lower dose of venom . was bit three times at once. 30 days in the hospital. I waited a few days before i went. Pissing blood and a open wound they cut out the damaged tissue and let it heal with no stiches

    • Russell said:

      I don’t believe any number of black widow bites would cause the symptoms you describe. Your story is unbelievable.

  7. Brent Olbrych said:

    I got bit by one of these bastards, my leg shot out bloody pea soup pus for days

  8. Anonymous said:

    i actually used activated charcoal paste with great success and no scar at all,

  9. Lee Rice said:

    What about s poultice of chaw backer and gunpowder er? If it don’t work it shire sound fun!

  10. Bruce Lee said:

    Electrical shock into the bite area has proven helpful in countering the ill effects from venomous snake bites. Can be done in emergency situation in the field using car/truck/ATV battery source.

  11. Angela Swinford Shaw Parks said:

    Put chewing tobacco in it on it and cover tightly! It will de as the poison out and yea its burns but its better than the black flesh eating part.

  12. Lori Lynn said:

    Omg. I just visualized everything you described. You’re spider-woman now 🙂

  13. Kenneth Outlaw said:

    I am done with bait click sites like this. I’m not making y’all rich clicking page after page for content that could be put on one page. Lost a fan here.

  14. Millie Pepper Stinson said:

    All you have to do is put / keep honey on it (covered with bandaid ) for 2-3 days !!! Any bite you don’t know what it is……

  15. James Rasbury said:

    It says use the charcoal/water paste for 4 hours, then it’s not useful anymore. Then go to other treatment

  16. Rob B said:

    Just fyi, you can get bentonite clay on

  17. Julia said:

    I got bit by one when I was 19. Drs couldn’t do anything for me other then antibiotics. (Btw) i was a C.N.A at Baptist hospital.My mother whom had breast cancer at the time told make a wrap w musgogee tea and I was healed the next day. After weeks of suffering! Fudge the F.D.A!!!

    • Julia said:

      And in one night if sleeping w a wrap on my ankle. after weeks. I was healed. Amazing

  18. Julia said:

    I got bit by one when I was 19. Drs couldn’t do anything for me other then antibiotics. (Btw) i was a C.N.A at Baptist hospital.My mother whom had breast cancer at the time told make a wrap w mesgogee tea and I was healed the next day. After weak of suffering! Fudge the F.D.A!!!

  19. Paige said:

    I have been bit twice and the second time I used helichrysum essential oil. I applied every time I thought about it, which was often because it was so painful. After a week, it was better and I have no scarring. I keep this oil with me at ALL times.

  20. Alex Clark said:

    Iv been bit and its no fun, i had a quarter size hole in my shoulder for weeks

  21. Dusty Lynnette Johnson said:

    When mixing the clay do not let it contact metal. Use only wood or plastic and adding coconut oil with clay makes a good paste.

  22. Robert Hill said:

    At my first duty station, in the Army, I met a guy on crutches. He stated he had gotten bit by one of these. It steadily destroyed his knee. He claimed the Army misdiagnosed the injury. I never knew what became of him.

  23. Clare Osborn said:

    I have bitten twice. Good old “IODEX” black drwaing salve is a onderful thing for the infection and to stop the deterioration of the flesh.

  24. Kim Colson said:

    Melaleuca essential oil a gal named Linda Hensley has a website..she has been bitten a few times and used the Melaleuca and it healed it!! Her website is: Maybe look it ver..boy she had a good healing from it!!

  25. Jeff Cee said:

    Use bentonite clay. Native American treatment for snake bites and spiders.