(Video) This Swimming Hole Contains a Very Mysterious and Dangerous Secret…

swimming hole

What do you get when you combine a perfect location with absolutely pure water? Apparently, you get a lot of deaths. That's not all that has happened either. Is this swimming hole cursed?

There are many who think Jacob's Well is a sacred location, which would then lend credence to the relatively large numbers of deaths that have occurred at the swimming hole since it's discovery.

Are the skeletons being found at the bottom the result of ancient sacrifices? Or were they simply others in the past who swam in the blue depths and met their demise?

The answers are still far from our grasp; perhaps they will stay that way. Regardless, the scary history of this swimming hole has done nothing to deter visitors and may, in fact, be drawing them in. Would you swim here?


  1. Chris Nichols said:

    There is a small spring feed lake outside of Palmdale California that has a simular reputation. Locals call it the bottomless lake. It’s on the old Sierra highway as it crosses the San Andreas fault. The lake has a spungie bottom that absorbs radar, and those that swim there are certain to drow. It’s was a popular hangout for teen, and taking your girl to the submarine races seemed romantic, but all knew to stay out of the water.