(Video) This Swimming Hole Contains a Very Mysterious and Dangerous Secret…

swimming hole

Somewhere out in the wilderness is a swimming hole known as Jacob's Well. It was discovered sometime in the 1850s and since then has been a hotspot for people to gather for a nice cool dip.

What makes Jacob's Well special is the fact that it is an enormous natural spring in which thousands of gallons of pure water rush to the surface every minute, making it a substantially large and rare phenomenon.

There is a dark side to this story, though. Since the swimming hole's discovery, there have been 9 confirmed deaths and countless injuries. Usually, these result from careless jumping and misjudging distances.

However, divers frequently make forays down into the depths of the Well. What they find is shocking.

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  1. Chris Nichols said:

    There is a small spring feed lake outside of Palmdale California that has a simular reputation. Locals call it the bottomless lake. It’s on the old Sierra highway as it crosses the San Andreas fault. The lake has a spungie bottom that absorbs radar, and those that swim there are certain to drow. It’s was a popular hangout for teen, and taking your girl to the submarine races seemed romantic, but all knew to stay out of the water.