(Video) He Used Two Logs and a Rope. Just How Powerful This Trick Is? Unbelievable!

logs and rope flip flop winch

So, your vehicle is stuck in the mud. You probably should have been more careful, but what good does regret do at this point?! And the only supplies you have are two logs and a bit of rope. You must be out of luck.

Wrong. You may have heard of the Flip Flop Winch, which is a remarkably innovative device that can assist with removing large items that are stuck in your path.

Not to mention it can be used to get stuck vehicles out of the mud. Mors Kochanski, who is considered the “God Father of Bushcraft”, helped popularize this amazing design.

There is also evidence of this device being used by the British Army in World War II to get vehicles out of the trenches!

You’ve got to learn how to make this. Take a look at some photos followed by a video after the break!

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  1. Michael Hamilton said:

    Patrick, must you be an$#%&!@* I’m sorry your candidate lost. Need help packing for that move to Canada?

  2. Jim Deming said:

    Thanks for the info, I got rope and a chopping tool. I notice you got a lot of tools in your comment section too.

  3. Mark Cook said:

    Neat trick if you only need to move it a short distance

  4. Dana C. Morris said:

    And three days later you’re out of the mud! I’d take the same rope, let a little air out of one tire, wrap the rope around the tire like a capstan winch and drive out.

  5. Kai Worthen said:

    Could of been the elohim. 12 gods who decended into the what would come to be the Sumerian empire in loud and bright chariots of fire… Story goes they would exchange knowledge for the exchange of food and gold. Reciepts can still be found to this day. Elohim in Aramaic is singular… I believe moses found texts of the sumerians gods not god. They were teaching them to live together in harmony with what moses believed to be the ten commandments of god.

  6. Jeff Millard said:

    Exactly. At least with Trump we have a chance to get the corruption out of our government.

  7. Chad Kline said:

    2 things. Mazda is notorious for how small their trucks are and that is an impractical way to get your vehicle unstuck. Who the hell just keeps two logs in their car?

  8. Gregory Jordan said:

    Simple block and tackle, isn’t that simple! Just like common sense is not that common!

  9. Wyatt Coleman said:

    Thata a waste of time the rope would break unlessit was a climbing rope this is stupid. Show a video of some idiot trying to shove logs under their tires or using floormats for traction lmao

  10. David Petracek said:

    Well if you live where I do and have no bars on the ole cell phone and it’s a 3 mile walk to town I think this would be handy, but I keep a 2 ton come along.

  11. Shane Bossick said:

    If dumb enough to by a$#%&!@*mazda grocery getter nice track he probably gets stuck on a dirt road all the time going to buy rice or rainbow stickers for his stupid jap trap.

  12. Timothy Jennings said:

    this is very effective for many purposes. We used them on the rez back in the late 60’s to pull fence post and also used this method in the Marines for emergency vehicle recovery. Nuttin new but you won’t regret knowing how to use it

  13. Michael Wheeler said:

    be nice to see the$#%&!@*video without a bunch of advertisements for your sponsors.

  14. Fred Nagle said:

    Click bait$#%&!@* Can ya at least put the story all on one page?!

  15. Sheila Prodell Schenk said:

    Although this was good to know, why is it we have to go through all the pages to view it… can’t you just of put it all on one page..

  16. McKim John said:

    You go to the page, then they want you to go to another page, forget it!

  17. Ken Neill said:

    Would like to see. But I can’t wade through all the spam !!!