(Video) He Used Two Logs and a Rope. Just How Powerful This Trick Is? Unbelievable!

logs and rope flip flop winch

This technique is absolutely essential to know anytime you're heading off into the unknown, whether you're riding in a vehicle or not! Knowing a skill like this could really get you out of a few binds!

Take a look at the instructional photos below to get the idea of how to make a flip flop winch step by step and then watch the video to see how it's done.

flip flop winch

flip flop winch

To see more steps on how to create a flip flop winch to get a car out of the mud when all hell is breaking loose, check out the next page.

Then at the end, a man on the video will also demonstrate how to construct this helpful tool!

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  1. Allen Groom said:

    You guys are starting to suck with all the click bait crap ,I’m going to unfollow.

  2. Bob Durbin said:

    Really how many people would really use this? Wonder how long it took him to figure this out? Would need this video to do this. Call AAA next time you are stuck. Much easier.

  3. Seymour Lenz said:

    Too involved. Just Jack up the truck then push it off the Jack to move it over 2 feet each time.

  4. Gary Free said:

    I am going to read tis, just to see how you get a rope to hold a log above itself.

  5. Rick Harrelson said:

    It’s a damn Mazda out of gear on flat ground…. Call Farm Girl she will pull your girl truck out………

  6. James Duncan said:

    If you spend any time in the woods, this is a trick you should know. Like all rope tricks, getting it started is the hard part.