(Video) He Used Two Logs and a Rope. Just How Powerful This Trick Is? Unbelievable!

logs and rope flip flop winch

No one likes being stuck in the mud (especially when zombies aka walkers are on their way — just kidding), but luckily this winch can help you get a large and heavy object out of the mud and on your way. It may take some strength, but it definitely works!

Check out a few more instructional photos and then watch the video after the break to see how one prepper used this effective tool to his advantage.

flip flop winch

flip flop winch

As you can see by how this survivalist is using the logs and rope, you can start to get the basics of how this off grid winch works. Start by looping the rope over the first pole which goes over the second pole. If you repeat this action back and forth you can use this technique to get your car or whatever else is stuck out of the mud.

To watch the video that'll show you how to properly use this technique to get a large object out of your path or to get your vehicle unstuck, visit the next page. 

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  1. Allen Groom said:

    You guys are starting to suck with all the click bait crap ,I’m going to unfollow.

  2. Bob Durbin said:

    Really how many people would really use this? Wonder how long it took him to figure this out? Would need this video to do this. Call AAA next time you are stuck. Much easier.

  3. Seymour Lenz said:

    Too involved. Just Jack up the truck then push it off the Jack to move it over 2 feet each time.

  4. Gary Free said:

    I am going to read tis, just to see how you get a rope to hold a log above itself.

  5. Rick Harrelson said:

    It’s a damn Mazda out of gear on flat ground…. Call Farm Girl she will pull your girl truck out………

  6. James Duncan said:

    If you spend any time in the woods, this is a trick you should know. Like all rope tricks, getting it started is the hard part.