Scottish Winter Survival Tips Bear Grylls Hasn’t Told Us About

staying warm Scotland

Winter in Scotland is coooold, and that's putting it mildly. Even though it's cold in the United States, Scotland seems like it'd be a lot harder to manage. Yes, there are many ways to stay warm — laugh along with these fun and common sense ways to keep warm when it's really really cold.

1. Exercise helps to warm you up, so instead of putting the heating on, buy a '90s jazzercise DVD and just go nuts.

2. Baths are hot, so never get out of one. Stay in the bath forever. Bath!

3. Avoid chapped lips by using lip balm. But don't just stop there! Cover your whole face and neck, too. You can't be too careful. Chapping kills over one Scottish person every year*.

*this is true.

4. Avoid getting wet feet on stormy days by climbing inside a bin bag and bouncing around the streets like Oscar the Grouch at a sack race.

5. Scottish weather is changeable at this time of year, so carry snow shoes, an ice axe, a stove, gloves, a bikini, and sunglasses with you at all times.

6. If you feel cold, rub deep heat muscle salve into your skin. The burning sensation will temporarily distract you from your icy surroundings.

7. If you have any draughty gaps in your window frames, seal them shut with old Indyref leaflets. All Scottish homes have at least 98,765 old Indyref leaflets.

8. Lack of exposure to sun in these dark months can cause you to feel lethargic, so take a photo of the sun, print it, and stick it above your desk.

So now that you've read some of Buzzfeed‘s tips on how to stay warm during the winter, do you have anything to add to that? There are some other ways to stay warm, such as learning this trick to keep a tent warm during the winter [ Try This Clever Trick to Keep a Tent Warm During the Winter ]. Then there's a way to keep feet warm as well when it's chilly outside: [ The Dollar Store Quick Trick We Must Try: How to Keep Feet Toasty Warm in Winter Weather ].

Apply these tricks and tips and you just might have a winter you can deal with. Well, at least in the United States. Scotland may be something all together.

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