Military Veteran Lives Completely Off The Grid and is Being Asked to LEAVE His Land

man in the wilderness

Being able to live off the grid is becoming a dream for more and more Americans, especially as taxes and costs of living are constantly on the rise.

While many preppers are developing off the grid properties for use in the event of a bug out situation, there are several who are establishing off the grid homes to live in full-time.

This means that costs of living are cut down to a fraction of what they would be otherwise and overall independence goes through the roof.

Unfortunately, many government officials are starting to crack down on this new trend, fining those who elect not to provide their homes with power and water and even moving to evict and jail those who refuse to live the way everyone else lives. Tyler Truitt, a former Marine, is learning this the hard way.

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  1. Les Gibson said:

    I don’t see it as stealing. I see it as road building and maintance, paying school teachers so we don’t have an illiterate country, and maintaining school buildings and building more for our ever growing population. If that makes them stealing then I’m stealing as well. I’ve been collecting 16,000 plus medical every year for 22 years for my retirement from the military. Living off grid doesn’t exempt me from helping to further society but it is cheaper. The county drove a huge pipe into a hillside that goes into a natural underground spring. Hundreds of people out here get their water from there, no charge, including me.

  2. Susan Hawkins said:

    We are connected to the grid we pay the base fee for electricity $35 month……. they stay off our back

  3. Jeffrey Denney said:

    Road building is covered by taxes placed on gas at the pump. Teachers can be privately paid easily enough, and k-12 can be done through homeschooling for the price of internet. In spite of the increased funding to schools since the 90’s, a drop in grades and literacy is there. The “charge” for water is more than likely an overall coverage of utilities from the county.

  4. Jason Ott said:

    Les, you’re just too deep into Cognitive Dissonance than you think… taxes don’t do$#%&!@*hence 20+ trillion in debt and the crumbling of our infrastructure let alone our education is falling… wake up dude and unIndoctrinate yourself, you’ve been dooped. Research is bliss, soooooooo!!

  5. Les Gibson said:

    I’m so dooped, I’m the only one in this conversation that’s living off grid. I’m so dooped, that less than 1/2 of my income is taxed by the stated or Feds at this time and I’ll get most of that back. What you need to do is keep bitching and complaining about everything so that it continues to cloud your vision and not allow you to see your way out of wherever it is that has you captive. I say this as I look out the windows of our cabin and see only trees. Earlier on my walk fresh deer prints in the ground. I know where the wild boar are incase we run out of bacon and the wild Turkey are everywhere. By the way, all this food is in the National forest that my property connects to. So to me, a couple hundred a year in taxes is a small price to pay for what I have. You like so many others want stuff handed to you so you can have it right now. We worked 45 years to enjoy this freedom that we have. Civilized society costs money. And since governments of nations produce no income of it’s own, it has to come from the working people of that nation. You can always quit your job. You’d be homeless and probably die an early death, but you wouldn’t have to pay taxes. Oh yeah, I forgot. In the last 22 years I’ve collected about 350,000 plus medical from being retired from the military. Thanks for paying your taxes.

  6. Dan Menzel said:

    The comments on this page says it all. Pay some taxes or move to Mexico.

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