How to Survive a Venomous Snake Bite

red rattlesnake

Whether you’re living in an Indiana-Jones-like-fear of these creatures, or you don’t find them threatening at all, venomous snakes will bite you before you have time to really consider your options.

Many people are bitten by snakes when they’re simply not paying attention. They forget to check their surroundings before they move, and end up with a bite on the legs, the arms, or the hands.

Even though only about 15 out of the 8,000 annual bites end up as a fatality, there are many things you can do to avoid becoming one of those unfortunate 15 people in these statistics.

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  1. Ed Lind said:

    Ain’t all that easy to find a big$#%&!@*rattler snake.

  2. Kevin Cornish said:

    Saw a rattler bite a Marine once on an FTX. After 4 days in horrible agony, the snake finally died

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