12 Life Saving Items to Keep in a Truck

truck supplies

setting up a tarp

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Blue Tarp

A 7×9-foot blue tarp will shed rain while you repair a punctured tire, provide shade in the desert, function as a makeshift sleeping bag, or catch rainwater for emergency drinking supplies. It’s the duct tape of a truck kit.



You’ll need a fail-proof baseplate compass, with a lanyard, in case you have to hike out for help.

emergency flare

Roadside Flares

Roadside flares not only alert other drivers to a broken-down vehicle but also serve as signaling devices and emergency fire starters.

Roadside flares are easy to forget, but if a person gets stuck out in the middle of nowhere without cell phone service flares may be exactly what you need. The same goes for a compass. A compass can help you get to a location, whether it's a bug out location or a nearby town in case someone is in danger or needs help.

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