12 Life Saving Items to Keep in a Truck

truck supplies

auto repair kit

Repair Kit

An on-the-fly truck repair kit should include replacement parts and enough stuff to MacGyver your way home. Hit the auto-parts store for JB Weld for fixing broken metal braces and patching an oil pan and hose-repair tape, two wire hangers and a tire reamer-plugger, duct tape, parachute cord, Fix-a-Flat, and jumper cables.

beef jerky

Venison Jerky

Venison jerky and some freeze-dried meals can keep you nourished while you wait for the rescue crew.

bottled water

Gallon of Water

A gallon of drinking water to quench your thirst will make a major breakdown more bearable.

Your vehicle can be your best friend, but it also can be extremely problematic, especially if you live in a rural or remote area; in fact, if things go really wrong, your vehicle could be your only way to survive until help gets to you.

That's why water, jerky, and a repair kit are just a few of the items you should always have with you. There's other supplies too that can make a world of difference when your car is broken down or you're dealing with a disaster.

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