10 Major Errors People Make When Moving Off the Grid

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7. Lack of Self and Property Defense Equipment and Skills

Quite frankly, believing that safety will automatically come when you isolate from others is a huge mistake.

Among other things, you may have to deal with criminals passing through the area looking to hide out, as well as others looking to commit some kind of crime. Unless you can defend yourself and your property even in these times, there is every chance you will wind up dead.

8. Inability to Store and Prepare Foods

The truth is, canning takes a good bit of practice and skill. You must carefully time the water baths, and also know how to manage the hot bottles at the precise moment when they are ready to be sealed down.

While you can give things like oven canning, dehydration, and and vacuum sealing a try, it is still best to know how to smoke and dry foods.

It is also very important to make sure you have an effective and efficient food inventory system so that you don’t wind up eating something that is too old and may have become contaminated because of improper storage.

Preparing food now and when SHTF is vital, and the more that we have stockpiled the better. Of course, the more supplies you have the more of a risk you become, especially if people post-collapse find out you have a bunch of food stored. Make sure it's hidden and that you know how to keep an inventory – it's important!

If at some point you're forced to leave your home or if the water is no longer safe to drink, there are errors you must avoid. Learn which errors to stick clear of after the break, as well as why this skill and another is pertinent to your survival.

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