10 Major Errors People Make When Moving Off the Grid

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1. Not Accounting for Weather Conditions and Radiation Threats

While it may not seem like much now, or at “low levels”, the fact remains that the leak at the Fukushima reactors is still releasing radioactive waste into the ocean, and the currents are still bringing that radiation to the western shore of the United States.

Every location within 100 miles of a nuclear power plant or nuclear waste facility should be avoided at all cost.

Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and droughts are all becoming more common. Make sure that you pay careful attention to how the weather patterns are changing.

All that matters is you pick a safe location or know how to handle changing weather patterns in the area that you choose.


2. Not Having a Means of Income

Taxes, emergencies, and adapting to an off grid life can all cost a good bit of money. Even if you can meet basic needs from the land itself, it never hurts to have enough contact with the rest of the world so that you can make some money.

Together with this, you also need to diversify your currency stockpile. While cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can be very dangerous, it may still come in handy to have some money in this form of currency.

Just make sure that you never put so much into these currencies that it will cause problems if the currency fails.

Many of us may initially feel overwhelmed at the idea of learning about how to do tasks such as gardening, building an electrical system and figuring out a new way to make a living but make no mistake, it'll pay off in the end.

It's a huge confidence booster to understand that we don't have to rely on anyone or anything for that matter. On the next page discover what else we must avoid when setting up that ideal off grid life.

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