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earthbag home

(Video) This Earthbag Home Time Lapse is Incredible. Now I Want to Build and Live in One ASAP!

Have you ever heard of an Earthbag home? It might seem like it’s a pretty complex style of shelter but it’s really not. It’s pretty self-explanatory. It’s a small home constructed out of bags packed with sand and dirt. This neat video shows you just how one couple built their own earthbag home. You’ll see


(Video) This Couple Built an Off-Grid Home With Just Two Containers. How it Turned Out is No Surprise!

We often hear about very creatively built off-grid homes. They might be made out of the most unexpected materials, and when you see them you may be wondering how it was built! This one is no exception. One couple decides to build their home completely off the grid with two shipping containers. When you see