(Video) Sweden Locals Live in Tiny Rustic Huts to Live Close to the Coaling Process

huts in Sweden

Have you ever wondered how people that would work in the coal industry in Sweden would live? Believe it or not, they would stay in tiny huts out in the wilderness.

What's even more surprising is that more and more people want to experience the way coal miners would live!

In Sweden, there are hotels that let you stay in the tiny rustic hut so you can experience the coaling process too!

Made out of wood, mud, and other forest materials, these tiny huts are actually really warm and comfortable. Get a sense of how Sweden coal workers would live and check out this amazing hut experience!

Watch how people enjoy rural Sweden by staying in tiny huts just like the coal mining days on the video on the next page!

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  1. Mason Geddy said:

    This entire operation would be the perfect way to live with a family. The sauna, the hut, the lake. Everything I would need.

  2. Chris Webb said:

    Probably a Murray energy operation. POS would have people living in tents.