(Video) This Tiny Cabin is Truly Ideal for Living Off the Land. Find Out Why:

tiny cabin

Living off the land in a place of your own sounds like a dream. It can especially come in handy when SHTF!

Not having to rely on electricity and running water can let you reach new levels of freedom. And even if a collapse doesn't take place, you can learn to live off the land and embrace a simplistic lifestyle in the woods.

One lucky YouTuber got to experience a life off the grid in a beautiful tiny cabin in Maine. With a garden, shelter and plenty of wildlife to hunting right within reach, this cabin hideout is perfect for bugging out.

Get a sneak peak of the perfect getaway and what to be the best tiny cabin around. You won't believe how amazing it is.

Get a tour of this tiny cabin perfect for off the grid living on the video on the next page.

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  1. Keiron Phillips said:

    Nice, but needs the solar, and really needs rainwater harvesting , even a simple water butt with a small pump feeding the header tank would make a big difference to the liveability of it

  2. Robert Word said:

    It is a LOT more work to live off grid and or off the LAND! But VERY rewrding,And people now days dont know what they are MISSING!