(Video) They Show Us a Traditional Finnish Log House Building Process. All That it Entails? Wow!

log house

Getting the chance to witness a home construction from the ground up is pretty exciting. You get to see just how well-built some homes are.

It's especially exciting when it involves a traditional Finnish log cabin. Have you ever wondered how they were made? They are quite beautiful and seem to last forever.

You'll see how they're made soon enough. The entire process is pretty daunting and requires a lot of time, but the end result is definitely worth it.

When it comes to building your own survival shelter, you might want to keep the Finnish log cabin design in mind. The results will impress you and you'll want to start building your own.

Watch how these men build a traditional Finnish log cabin from scratch on the next page.

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  1. JG Guerra said:

    Bob Linster, Jennifer Lynn Churchich,Brad Twigg fishing cabin anybody?

  2. B Lyn Baker said:

    I’ve always wanted a log cabin home. I don’t think I have what it takes to help build one though.