You Just Got Bit by a Brown Recluse Spider. Here’s How to Effectively Treat it When SHTF.

brown recluse spider

Spiders are one of the greatest fears throughout the world. This may be due to how they walk, the precision with which they build their webs or their many eyes. When you ask most people, though, they are afraid of spiders because of their bites.

In reality, very few spiders throughout the world are in any way dangerous to humans. Although almost all spiders can bite, nearly all of them are about as painful as a mosquito bite.

However, there are a few that will give even the most unsqueamish person pause. The brown recluse is one of them. When bitten by a brown recluse, most people will make an immediate trip to the hospital. Unfortunately, if you're in a bugout situation that may not be an option.

What should you do if you need to treat a brown recluse bite? Take a look at the advice on the next page to find out.

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  1. Erv Felker said:

    Just hit it with a stun gun. Kills Tha bacteria & will heal within 24 hours.

  2. Eric Ginny Billiter said:

    5 bites several years ago while camping. Folks Thot I had shingles. Was very sick. Dr. sent me to a dermatologist, he knew what it was & started antibiotics. Took a while to get over it.

  3. Don Stephens said:

    Yup, I’ve been bitten twice and didn’t know for days until my flesh around the bite started dying off and a hole suddenly appeared there.

  4. Pete Janacek said:

    Put some snuff on it right away…if it starts rottin a hole fire up a ciggy and put it out on bite

  5. Ricky Mathews said:

    Yeah you don’t know you’re bit till it starts rotting. I was bit years ago in the middle of my chest, where your shirt buttons and didn’t feel it at all. Damn nasty bite. Cipro and a antibacterial …

  6. Phillip Morris said:

    Ya and after running around collecting this stuff your dead or your limb is dead

  7. Brad J Gabel said:

    Either taze the area several times with a tazer (will neutralize the venom) or give direct injections into the bite with dex or cortisone (will neutralize the venom)

  8. Chris Kibodeaux said:

    I bit a brown recluse once in Nam. It has a fishy taste. I recommend roasting them first. Anyone read the article? What’s the advice?

  9. Joe Egan said:

    I’ve been bitten several times. Yes you don’t notice until days later. Nasty$#%&[email protected]* I was sick for almost a year. Not constantly but on and off. Had a small bit of flesh removed on my thigh do to infection and necrosis. I was on antibiotic injections and some other stuff. Doctor visits weekly. Watch out for those little bastards. Oh and just like the other post stated I was referred to as Spider-Man at work.
    Funny$#%&[email protected]*

  10. Dale Ward said:

    I got bit by one I think before you came into our lives. I handled it with grace and dignity. I ran, screamed and cried. Almost lost a finger. It was several hours before I noticed it.

  11. Keith W Brooks said:

    I had a brown recluse bite on my cheek and took care of it in 3 days. Pull the baking powder / soda out of the back of your refrigerator, using a little water roll some into a ball and press on the bite. Within minutes it turned a tobacco brown. I repeated this procedure several times until it remained white. Problem solved.

  12. Steve Place said:

    We used a slice of potato at the survival school where the Naked & Afraid folks hung out. Sam Coffman ??

  13. Jack Barrington said:

    I was once bitten by what seemed like hundreds of newly hatched baby brown recluse with out any help around. Three days of near death bed rest before I could get up and move again.

  14. Jack Barrington said:

    I wouldn’t trust this. Best thing is if you catch it right away, apply ice, cut out the center of the bite and force as much of the poison out as you can, apply anti bacterial, bandage the wound and reapply ice for the next hour.

  15. Calvin Sanders said:

    I was bitten and I made a small cut on the bite and rubbed in meat tenderizer. It still made a lesion but only a small one. Healed well.

  16. Jeff Hill said:

    Wow, thanx. Now I don’t have to click thru 37 pages of bullshit to find a non answer.

  17. Don Freeman said:

    A paste of Adolfs meat tenderizer is highly effective, especially if applied before ulceration occurs!

  18. Jim Kazlauskas said:

    I have been bitten several times, drywall mud drys it out, no wound, no scar.

  19. Brian Rodgers said:

    Bragg brand is what was used for my wife’s be bite…
    Stay away from the acv that says “Apple cider FLAVORED”.. Its just white vin that’s been FLAVORED and colored….

  20. Ben Griffith said:

    My wife was bit behind the ear 30 years ago. After a few days in the hospital, they cut a hole as big as a quarter down to the skull, and bandaged it to heal. NASTY bite!! Great advice in this article.

  21. Charlie Miller said:

    My grandmother said they soaked in coal oil ( kerosene) and that was all they did.

  22. Tommy Peters said:

    Heat up an ice cream scooper over a burner and simply scoop out the bad area,.apply ice and turn on Alaskan Bush People for the pain.

  23. Tim Rounds said:

    Well you don’t do what I did. Ignore it. Came within one day of losing my leg and two days of losing my life. Hellacious blood poisoning.

  24. Greg Blackburn said:

    Jeff Hill I suspect these pages do that (dozens of pages per story) for advertising. I didn’t bother with that page at all.

  25. Jeff Caudill said:

    Idk no about all this stuff but I do no for a fact that chewing tobacco works better than anything…