Why Building an Earthship House May or May Not be a Good Idea


Economical housing is great for those who find themselves strapped for cash and needing a break. Unfortunately, if you buy something on the cheap often you get what you pay for.

In other words, after a short period of time things go wrong! However, that is not always true.

There are conscientious builders out there, men and women who think beyond the scope of a typical bargain house and have come up with some sincerely strong homes.

Earthship homes are a good example of taking something from nothing and turning it into a strong fortress, a house, that seems ideal on paper.

They are made for every climate, are strong, and can be built from all kinds of scrap materials. The rooms, walls, and internal plumbing are all arranged to take advantage of passive solar heating and cooling.

The idea comes from architect Mike Reynolds and while an Earthship house appears to carry all of the advantages of a comfortable survivalist home, there are also some disadvantages.

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  1. Clay Reed said:

    Interesting points; seems well thought out–stuff I’ve read indicates they are pretty durable, but I’ve not worked with one up close and personal…

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  3. Lynn Moore said:

    As in most things, there are the good, the bad and the ugly. IMHO what we do need to do is: stop building McMansions; everyone should raise at least a small garden, everyone should compost; and everyone should quit believing that he who dies with the most toys wins. Going back to some old ways, i.e. collecting rain water–be it a barrel or a cisturn–recycling and re-purposing…all doable and help us be more self sufficient. Plus a whole lot healthier. Sorry, getting off the soap box now.