Why a Second American Civil War May Take Place a Lot Sooner Than We Thought

SHTF riot

If we thought that the idea of another civil war wasn't a foreign concept, we may be in for a rude awakening.

This has nothing to do with the abolishment of slavery but rather there's a lot of conflict going on in the United States. Everyone believes they are right and the nation is beginning to separate – which could bring about the potential for violence and countrywide upheaval!

Unfortunately, the United States is becoming divided in loyalty and political ideals. It's no longer a country where people respect one another's opinions. Instead, violence and upheaval are beginning to take place which is not a good sign.

If we think about it, wasn't that the mindset in April of 1861?

No, this isn't an exaggeration. Just check out the TV news, online reports, memes, and even newspapers as to how violence is not only happening in other countries but in our own backyard.

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  1. Kenna Morton said:

    Unfortunately my gut believes Wesley and has felt that way for many, many months. I have never in my life prayed to be so wrong.

  2. Brett Adams said:

    Not so much a civil war as a political Purge of the liberal leftist loons that infest our government.

  3. Brian Burrell said:

    Let’s get it on. We,re so sick of these liberal maggots hiding behind the freedoms that good men and woman died for
    We’re locked , cocked and ready to rock. Enough talk.

  4. Beth Schafer said:

    I am so glad I live in the middle of nowhere. And everybody here is armed.

  5. Don Lancaster said:

    Yes, need to gut the dam politically ignorant and Racist Speaker of the House Ryan, and impeach this Draft Dodger President BJ Trump, Finley at least one Republican follower is on board.
    Probably because he has looked at his bank account

  6. James Archer said:

    yeah but the sides are not evenly matched. You’ve got mostly antifa like couch potato mama’s boys and fembot feminazis who got their fighting skills playing video games on one side and a vast amount of outdoorsmen, gun owners, and military trained patriots on the other a lot of whom have actually seen real combat and taken human lives before. So……. yeah.

  7. Richard-Virginia Williams said:

    Hey don. I creeped your page. I like your video saying trump used false information every 4.5 mins during the state of the union address. What’s funny is, they didn’t site sources to show the false narrative. He’s successful. He’s doing a good job. He didn’t lie. You’re on the wrong page

  8. Richard-Virginia Williams said:

    Ignorant rednecks? Just because people don’t follow pop culture and agree with traditional values, doesn’t dictate ignorance. I’ll tell you what’s ignorant. One guy sticking his$#%&!@*into another guys$#%&!@* A guy chopping his privates off due to mental illness. Socialism is ignorance. Me and millions others paying the way for subcultures that act like cancer on America’s underbelly. I can keep going

  9. Garland Mcgowan said:

    Liberals are the most despicable people on the face of the Earth they are always looking for a group to separate and divide and then exploit

  10. Joseph Leatherwood said:

    So repubs pass a tax bill the cuts a lot of taxes and not one dumbocrat voted for it. Dumbocrats in comnifornia want to raise taxes to offset the new tax bill. One dumbocrat said the tax cuts was crumbs. but supported and praised obumas $40 tax cuts. So tell me again who really loves the money?

  11. Paul Trovato said:

    Paranoid nonsense. Americans are too lazy. They’re not about to give up their comfortable life for long term personal sacrifice.

  12. Bryan Bender said:

    Red dawn …………………….americans against the incoming red army and the deplorables who let them in

  13. Mark Uplinger said:

    Yea I know it’s great isn’t it. They’ll never know what hit’em

  14. Chuck Antel Jr. said:

    Id say its a matter if Liberal Democrats are running our military…. But I dont see Mattis turning on us…
    But anything is possible anymore.

  15. Mark Uplinger said:

    No Joe there’s no question Jason government will be one of the first casualties

  16. Jerry Grivois said:

    I putarican kid told me his teachers told him we were in one now just white people don’t know. He was warning me beacuse he thought i was nice and this was like 5 years ago in north east philly no lie

  17. Jay Reyes said:

    Lol is this like that time you guys were shitting yourselves over the scary Antifa revolution last year?

    This page is turning into a bunch of whiny pussies.

    Stick to the bush craft and leave the right-wing extremism and conspiracy theories to Alex Jones.

  18. Steven W. Arruda said:

    A bunch of out of shape clowns talking$#%&!@* won’t last a week without electricity.

  19. Jeff Adkins said:

    Well I fer one don’t wanna see it, because I’m tired of fight’n fer political issues what don’t never get solved. Aside from this war on terrorism, the previous 3 wars were nut’n but career politicians but’n in where we have no business being except they think something in those countries would reduce they pockets being filled. OOORAH & SEMPER FI 68 – 72

  20. Roy R. McAllister said:

    To be honest while there are a few people nowadays myself Counting that actually have enough nerve to stand up in another civil war 90-something percent of the population of the country are nothing but a bunch of bags and pussies that don’t have the balls to stand up for the right thing and all they do is really just cause problems I really don’t see another civil war break it out anytime soon people would actually have to grow some balls figuratively speaking and actually start standing up the people all they promote is people being a bunch of chickenshit dumbasses

  21. Patrick McGurk said:

    Best thing to happen to this country… it will be hell, no lying about that. But it’s the only way to get rid of these worthless democrats that are sucking the life out of this nation.
    Just imagine how strong this nation will be when it’s over. What we will build from the ashes, will make it worth it…

  22. Vinny Maelstrom said:

    Shameful! This what the establishment wants. They want us fighting each other. The real solution is to join together and remove and replace the tyrants before they can enact Marshall law