Why a Second American Civil War May Be Inevitable

people rioting

Is the USA headed towards a new “civil war?” Are we there already?

That depends on your definition of “war.” If a war means two political jabbering heads hurling pejoratives at each other on TV, then yes, we are at war.

If political battles waged at the ballot box, where each election is “the most important ever” is war, then we probably are at war.

If war is a cultural struggle, then we have been in a Civil War for decades. But none of that includes the cruelty and carnage of the original US Civil War.

So are we in a new type of Civil War?

Or is it an over-used phrase employed by those with no perspective of the horrors of Shiloh, Antietam or Gettysburg?

Is it an epic battle for right or left supremacy, or an indicator of a lack of a sense of history or self-awareness?

We debate that on the next page; check it out!

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  1. Chet Davidson said:

    you sir are the definition of ButtHurt, you’ve entered into a conversation about American politics and you’re from Canada home of the libtard. Just so you’re aware the majority of us here in America couldn’t give 2 shits about Canada.

  2. Greg Korpela said:

    I’m glad you don’t care about Canada, but your comment still makes me laugh.

  3. Chuck Jacob said:

    Another cuntservatives pretending it understands history while bad mouthing liberals.

  4. Chuck Jacob said:

    I still do my service.

    I understand how my freedom came to be. We’re you in the revolution? Civil war? No? Didn’t think so

  5. Chet Davidson said:

    actually I understand more about history then most, My father is a Civil War historian, so I grew up reading all about the development of this country. This new form of Liberalism is so perverse from it’s inception it’s revolting.

  6. Brent Morgan said:

    It’s coming folks. I hope you’re prepared for it. Stock up on guns, ammo, and supplies. It’s going to be up to you to take out the enemy and protect your friends and family.

  7. Aaron Ross said:

    And I’m just still over here.. Like when can we start protesting taxation again they raised tax on tea .3% and the people flipped out now you get taxed for walking outside and nothing HAS BEEN DONE we let our government get out of hand we let protesters and rioters get out of hand maybe it is time for a civil war

  8. Athelred Davis said:

    “We are all human beings with thoughts, fears, desires and attitudes. It is when our ideals become skewed, when we do not look at the big picture, that potential conflict looms close.”

    For those who worry as to whether or not they are on the “right” side there is a simple test. Do your views require change? If they do not then your views are compatible with the design of the system, the nation. If they do, then your views are not compatible with the design of the nation and you will need to incite change while rationally expecting resistance. Personally as the U.S. is the most powerful nation in the world and has become so primarily by offering people the space they need to expound on their potential I think it’s only prudent to accept that the system we have been working from, not necessarily the one which has evolved, but rather the base design that is still intact, is something which should be preserved. Unfortunately some ideas on the left are so antagonistic that they are contradiction with the base design of the nation. Those ideas are wrong here today and could only be accepted as correct through a civil conflict where they come out on top. The left knows this, yet they persist, therefore they must be destroyed the instant they break into a physical war IF the status quo is to be maintained. It’s really that simple.

    For anyone interested in understanding the relentless assault on the current system, read about red flag politics where the minds of the revolution strive for one thing and only one thing above all else: to be relevant with a unique position. That is why peoples find themselves standing in ruins of what once was a great and mighty civilization, they found those who could not leave adequate alone appealing.

  9. Greg Madron said:

    Quite a few factors at play. Media trying to sell their point of view to make a buck at any cost for one. Politicians wagging the finger of blame at one party or the other. Small group of people hear, see or read some of the things a few are doing and jump up & down raising hell. Try and comment on something with a view on anything. Mentality of a few people and individuals in the media here and on the net raising cane insulting others for what? Can’t blame any political party for whats going on there’s just a small % of rotten to the core folks that were raised with no conscience that thrive on hate, insults etc on both sides of the fence

  10. Terri Kibbe-Smith said:

    Recognization only works if we are able to use it to prevent it without fear of false criminalization and persecution from The Government.The Government is not working to “prevent it” when it wrongfully targets those who recognize the signs

  11. Douglas Pine said:

    Recognizing the root of a problem is pretty tough when everyone is a part of it.