When the Collapse Takes Place, Eventually Preppers Will Eventually Run Out of Prescription Medication. Here’s How to Prepare Ahead of Time.

prescription medications

What will you do when situations arise and you can no longer get ahold of insulin or other prescriptions? There is a very real possibility that at any given time there could be a social or natural disaster which could make the acquisition of these drugs incredibly difficult. In order to prepare for the worst, start with the steps below.

Use Your Three-Month Plan
Many insurance companies offer a mail-order plan allowing you to get three months’ worth of prescriptions at once. Of course, as you near the end of those three months, your stockpile will dwindle, but it’s an easy way to get started.

Ask Your Doctor
Depending on your doctor’s attitude towards prepping, timing can be everything here. It may be best to ask your doctor if she has samples so you aren’t without medication immediately prior to hurricane season or if you may get snowed in over the winter. There’s no need to mislead your doctor, but it is good to have a specific concern. Let her know that you are stocking your emergency supplies and would like to include necessary prescriptions.

Bugging In
Most tablets and capsules should be stored in a cool, dry, dark place, and if you’re without your usual heating and cooling system, you’ll need to ensure they’re safe. A dry basement or root cellar may be an ideal location, but an interior closet can be utilized as well.
Some medications require refrigeration, so make sure you have a generator or other power source available to keep these medications cool. A dorm-sized refrigerator takes less power to run than your normal fridge, so consider getting one to store your stockpile as well as for use during an outage.

Bugging Out
If you have to leave your home, be prepared to take your medication with you. Maintain all of your medication with its proper labeling in the event you are stopped or questioned. You should also have copies of recent medical records which will provide evidence that you’re not doing something nefarious with the drugs. If you must travel with refrigerated medications, have an appropriately-sized cooler prepared and necessary ice packs ready at all times. It is best not to keep your medication and food in the same cooler if possible, to avoid cross-contamination in case of breakage or leaks.

Plants Are Your Friends
Find a naturalist or herbalist to help you find ways to treat your condition without prescriptions. Not all conditions can be resolved naturally, but knowing what you can do before emergency strikes is important. For example, essential oils of bergamot and cinnamon may help to lower blood sugar, allowing some diabetics to reduce the amount of insulin needed.

Being able to keep a three-month supply of any given drug sounds like an excellent option which will work for all but the worst SHTF situations. However, if you can find a way to live without the drug, such as using natural remedies or improving your health to a point in which the drug is no longer necessary, then that is by far your best bet and one you should be striving to achieve now, before SHTF.  Talk to your doctor and explore all of your options to find the plan that's best for you.

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