When the Collapse Takes Place, Eventually Preppers Will Eventually Run Out of Prescription Medication. Here’s How to Prepare Ahead of Time.

prescription medications

Preparing for the obvious is pretty easy: you want to have plenty of food, water, important equipment and batteries, and a safe place to stay when SHTF. That's the most obvious stuff.

The less obvious stuff is what you will prepare to ensure your long term health when the world goes to crap.

Sure enough, you're likely to have a healthy supply of first aid tools: plenty of bandages, some pain medications, maybe even some antibiotics, but what about medications?

For those people who rely on medications on a regular basis, having a stockpile of your most important medicines is as necessary as stockpiling food and water.

After all, if you rely on blood thinners to keep your heart pumping, what are you going to do when you can no longer get ahold of that medication?

Having a plan in place to prepare for a situation without these medications is as important as the medications themselves. You can get started on your own plan with the excellent steps on the next page.

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