When Encountering a Mountain Lion in the Wild, This is What a Person Should Never Do…

mountain lion on rock

Mountain lions are one of the most feared predator in the US, and while a lot of this fear is caused by a misunderstanding of this animal, they are still dangerous enough to garner an enormous amount of respect.

Luckily the chances of running into a cougar anywhere in the wilderness are slim since they are very reclusive creatures that are usually fearful of humans. In fact, only in the rarest of circumstances will they attack a human, least of all a full-sized adult.

Even though attacks are rare, they can happen, and across the board, these kinds of attack could have been prevented by following some simple rules that apply to a lot of predatory animals.

If you were ever to encounter a mountain lion while camping, bugging out, or spending time in the wild, you should learn about the rules ahead of time. Check out a helpful list after the break. 

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  1. Harry Cole said:

    Why isn’t “shoot him” listed in the “Things to Do if you’re Attacked”?

  2. Glenn Brock said:

    30-30 Winchester. Look it straight in his eyes, don’t lose eye contact while sighting him up. One shot between the eyes, split his wig. If he wiggles, repeat. Bury it deep.

  3. Chrispy Pfaffenrot said:

    Why do y’all want to kill them so badly? I was less than 20 yards from one, alone, at 2am. I’m fine. All we did was stare at each other for a bit and then she left and kept chasing the deer she was after. I carried bear mace after that, and I was scared when it happened, but there is no need to shoot any predator on sight, I personally find it reprehensible and immoral to kill the top of the food chain except in self defense.

  4. Mike Turner said:

    Run, run like hell, because when they catch you, you will be so out of breath, it wont matter if it drags you away by you broken neck!

  5. Marie Moss Crittenden said:

    Cool! Like I said, I was more concerned that my dogs would see it than it seeing me. We met a ranger once that told us about encountering one on a hanging bridge over a fairly shallow river. He used his coat and hat to make himself big and charged at the cat. Needless to say, he was telling the story, so the cat chose retreat. I try to always remember that story – just in case.

  6. Sidney Mack said:

    I keep Newport’s and a thermos of Martini mix on me just in case