When Coming Across a Mountain Lion in the Wild, This is What a Person Should Never Do…

mountain lion

Mountain lions are one one of the most feared predators in the United States, and while a lot of this fear results from a misunderstanding of this creature, they are still dangerous enough to garner a lot of respect from everyone.

Luckily the chance of encountering a cougar while spending time out in the wild are slim since they generally are very reclusive animals that usually are afraid of people. In fact, only in the rarest of circumstances will they decide to attack a person, least of all a full-sized adult.

Even though mountain lion attacks rarely happen, they still can take place. Across the board, these types of attacks should have been prevented by following some simple tips that actually apply to a variety of predatory animals.

If a survivalist were to encounter a mountain lion while bugging out or spending time outdoors, they should take the time to learn these rules beforehand.

On the next page check out some helpful tips on what to do should you ever encounter this predatory creature. 

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  1. Dale Reynaldo said:

    Mountain lions where I hunt know that I am the most feared predator in the woods.

  2. William Yzerman said:

    maintain a high degree of flexibility, because if you don’t have a gun, you can kiss your$#%&!@*goodbye!!! lol

  3. Dewayne Fulton said:

    If I’m in mountain lion country then i will never carrying multiple firearms. Momma didn’t raise no dummy

  4. Eric Yetti Feliciano said:

    All I know is im.not gonna be out in no wilderness without something .308 or bigger. If something tries to attack me ima shoot.

  5. Billy Themis said:

    I’m shooting… Wether it charges or not… I’m shooting…. On sight… Same goes for hogs… Or coyotes…

  6. Timmy Crouch said:

    Turn your back to it and run, this will not activate a cats natural instinct to attack. It also helps to spray cat urine on your shoes while hiking. Lol

  7. Pat Coggin said:

    Don’t run. Make your self look as large as you can or use bear spray

  8. Josh Gottschalk said:

    Call it a racist homophobe bigot, while throwing coexist bumper stickers at it.

  9. George Kolankowski said:

    No , our black lab does wonders with big cats and black bears ….very effective and knows we’re right there as well . When you have 3 males in the group camping with the dog , things are greatly safer and make for more comfortable camping experiences with the wifes .