When a Societal Collapse Takes Place, THIS Overlooked Item Will be in High Demand

scrap metal

Scrap metals are often recycled so that they can be reused for other materials. With this in mind, it should be a fairly simple leap for you to want to find new uses for these scrap metals for yourself in a post-SHTF world. Keep reading below for some ideas.

With a complete societal collapse, the value of a simple thing such as a tin can will increase exponentially. There are many things that we view as trash today and take for granted in our daily lives, but will have inestimable value when the SHTF.
Try and concentrate on metals that are not painted or coated over with enamel or Teflon. These are best left to some scrap metal dealer, not for you to deal with. Iron and lead…. old cast iron pots and pans…. lead in the form of old curtain-corner weights, or lead from used batteries. Make a bin for each metal and set it aside.
Take large, steel coffee cans or large food cans, for example. You can make an excellent, small camp oven out of these, or fill them with cement and make a boat anchor out of them. The aluminum beverage cans? These are the early warning devices you can string up on your property with nylon line. Punch holes in the bottom to allow for water drainage, and put a dozen pebbles in them. They’re aluminum; therefore, they won’t rust.
Steel cans can be cleaned out well and be used for fish hooks, or coils of very-sharp, homemade/field-expedient “razor” wire for lining your windowsills with when the SHTF. They can also be used (depending on the size) for small “cookers,” or even cooking “pots” if that is what remains to you. You can make broad heads, spear points, or knives out of them.
The most versatile are the coat hangers. You can make almost anything out of them: handles and hooks for use on a campfire, skewers to roast fish, and a form of field-expedient wire, or fastener. They can be unraveled to unclog drains, sinks, or toilets. Their uses are only limited by the imagination.

Finding new uses for ordinary things is the foundation of all successful survival plans. Try and find a creative way to store as many different metals as you can.

While this list provides a great number of awesome ways you can make use of these materials, you should also invest in a way to melt these metals down so that you can mold them for more functions.

If you want to find more ways to use scrap metals, check out Ready Nutrition.


  1. Tim Templeton said:

    In the spirit of avoiding clickbait…
    “THIS” = just scrap metal in general.

  2. Gayla Nichols said:

    I’m predicting that his winter will collapse most businesses so everyone needs to double their efforts to be prepared.

  3. Chris Nichols said:

    Extruded aluminum has more recyclable metals like copper, nickel, and aluminum.
    Rolled thin aluminum commonly has to much magnesium, and is lots of slag , with little aluminum.

  4. Doug Las said:

    Too much clickbait, brah! Needless to say, aluminum WON’T be the ‘gold’ of the survivors age. (That’s what your pic is. A big pile of aluminum) Aluminum is everywhere. From road signs, to billboards, to drink cans, screen doors, storm windows, gutters (on the eaves of houses), and 1001 other things. It’s probably the most common non-ferrous metal that we see daily.