When a Societal Collapse Takes Place, THIS Overlooked Item Will be in High Demand

scrap metal

It's probably safe to say that with societal collapse, the inherent values of everything will be completely reversed. A Faberge egg will go from priceless to worthless. A bottle of fresh water will become something to kill for. The only use paper money we will have will be fire starting.

When considering what you should be stocking up on for this future, you should consider all of the uses of all of your goods that would otherwise be thrown away.

Most people recycle their scrap metal for money or simply for the sake of recycling. It's great to recycle, but you should also be considering the uses those materials will have in a post-SHTF world.

To see all of the uses you could have for these materials, check out the article on the next page.

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  1. Tim Templeton said:

    In the spirit of avoiding clickbait…
    “THIS” = just scrap metal in general.

  2. Gayla Nichols said:

    I’m predicting that his winter will collapse most businesses so everyone needs to double their efforts to be prepared.

  3. Chris Nichols said:

    Extruded aluminum has more recyclable metals like copper, nickel, and aluminum.
    Rolled thin aluminum commonly has to much magnesium, and is lots of slag , with little aluminum.

  4. Doug Las said:

    Too much clickbait, brah! Needless to say, aluminum WON’T be the ‘gold’ of the survivors age. (That’s what your pic is. A big pile of aluminum) Aluminum is everywhere. From road signs, to billboards, to drink cans, screen doors, storm windows, gutters (on the eaves of houses), and 1001 other things. It’s probably the most common non-ferrous metal that we see daily.