(VIDEO) You Can Learn How to Make Sugardine, a Cost-Effective Anti-Septic. Here’s How:


Sugardine is the farmer go-to for treating livestock injuries without having to rely upon expensive veterinary medications. This powerful antiseptic is as simple to make as mixing batter, and you can learn how to do it yourself in the video below.

While sugardine may not be FDA approved, you can bet that it'll do one hell of a job at cleaning out your wounds and preventing toxic shock. You can order the iodine from any farm supply store and sugar is pretty readily available.

The absolute best thing about this, though, is that both iodine and sugar have essentially no shelf life, meaning you can stock up as much as you want and you never have to worry about it going bad.

In theory, you could also do this with salt (saltdine?), but you can go ahead and save that method for packing the wounds of people who snuck onto your property.

This is an excellent lesson for those of us waiting for S to HTF; it's a great addition to the first aid supplies.