(VIDEO) Would You Like to be Skilled in Flintknapping? Allow This Survivalist to Teach You How! Incredible!


Flintknapping is the art of striking stones together in order to craft a tool. That's the simple explanation. The full explanation is much more complicated, just like the processes involved in crafting a high-quality tool from simple stone.

This process evolved over thousands of years as our ancestors figured out which stones worked best for which tools, which stones worked best or knapping, and what other materials could be used to make a higher-quality finished product.

Many survivalists would like to become skilled in this fantastic and ingenious process. While we have far superior tools at our disposal today, there is a growing trend to turn back to traditional methods, often for the pure sake of knowledge.

If you'd like to start learning this excellent method, check out the video on the next page to get started.

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  1. Justin Barry said:

    Percussion napping is better than this style but is completely lost art

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