(VIDEO) Would You Like to be Skilled in Flintknapping? Allow This Survivalist to Teach You How! Incredible!


If you've always wanted to know how our ancestors crafted tools from simple stones (it's not as easy as banging two rocks together), then there is no better place to start than the video below. Check out some of the tools and learn the techniques involved in this ancient tool-making process.

While flintknapping is all but forgotten today, and completely obsolete, there is something refreshing about knowing that there are some who are still studying this ancient method.

Should SHTF in the worst way, and we are dropped back in the Stone Age, those who have taken the time to learn this method will be in much better shape than the rest of us. Even if that doesn't happen, this is still a great skill to learn for survival.


  1. Justin Barry said:

    Percussion napping is better than this style but is completely lost art