(Video) Wild Teas That Can Help Survivalists Combat Illnesses and More When SHTF


It’s a challenge at any time to make a good-tasting wilderness drink. Still, if ever faced with the idea of not having something hot and tasty most survivalists will throw caution to the wind and give it a go. Here is a great guide to go by should you be a person who must have his hot beverage while bugging out!

We appreciate that our host was very candid about what some of the drinks can do to a human body if too much is consumed. We've got to say, though, that the blackberry leaf, dandelion and even the willow bark teas all look good!

Honestly, on our adventures, we always carry plenty of tea packs and have yet to make our own drinks out of something like pine needles. But this video is a perfect guide for when that eventuality happens.

Medicinally it's vital should a chaos situation ever strike! So, as always, take notes and keep the effects always in mind should you want to go on a great natural tea finding expedition!

One Comment;

  1. Zack Geldhof said:

    White willow bark can taste a tad medicinal (considering we get asprin from it) but it’s something I drink on particularly achy days. Pine needle tea is DELICIOUS, especially with a spot of honey (if you have some on hand.)
    As someone who can’t have any caffeine (due to the toxic psychosis it causes. No coffee, no black, green, or white tea, and no chocolate!) I’m always looking for natural alternatives. 🙂