(Video) Wild Teas That Can Help Survivalists Combat Illnesses and More When SHTF


When you are out in the wilderness, practicing survival for a SHTF scenario, you always pack the essentials.

But for some, it’s what you do not pack that makes for a recent discovery or survival experience. If you are a big coffee or tea drinker, this is particularly the case.

We had a friend who went out camping for a weekend and, to his horror, discovered he did not bring instant coffee or hot chocolate packs. He had read and heard a lot about tea in the wild and did some experimenting.

He put together a decent last minute concoction that got him through that first cold night. However, had he to do it over again – not really knowing what he was doing – he may have rethought the undertaking.

Because, while there are many excellent tea making ingredients out in the woods, some very healthy, there are also a few out there that can be downright icky – and dangerous!

Over on the next page, we have a prepper who has worked with many, if not most wildlife tea recipes. He will give you an idea what to look out for and demonstrate what is both good and bad tasting.

He'll also go over a tea's effects, and how some natural ingredients may make a great cup of tea – with all sorts of medicinal qualities – while others will just taste bad and can make you ill!

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  1. Zack Geldhof said:

    White willow bark can taste a tad medicinal (considering we get asprin from it) but it’s something I drink on particularly achy days. Pine needle tea is DELICIOUS, especially with a spot of honey (if you have some on hand.)
    As someone who can’t have any caffeine (due to the toxic psychosis it causes. No coffee, no black, green, or white tea, and no chocolate!) I’m always looking for natural alternatives. 🙂