(Video) Why Fishing is a Person’s Best Option for Food in a Survival Situation

catching a catfish

I have often said that in a survival situation your chances of catching fish for food are far better in most circumstances than your chances of catching anything else – while conserving needed energy for other survival tasks.

First, though, some caveats.

Obviously, if you are stranded in the middle of the desert, you likely will not have an easy time catching a fish, unless it is a fossil.

The same applies to if you are stranded somewhere cold in the middle of winter.

In some places, heavy fishing pressure has wiped out fish populations.

And in some cases, even if there are fish, the water or soil might be too toxic to eat what you catch, even in a life or death situation.

But just about everywhere else, if there is water, there likely is going to be fish and in a survival situation, they are edible.

The video on the next page illustrates this point clearly.

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