(VIDEO) Why an Israeli Bandage is Something You NEED to Add to Your Bug Out Bag

Israeli Bandage

Hopefully, you'll never have to use your extensive supply of bandages and medications when you find yourself in a bug out scenario, but if the situation arises, you'll want to know you have the tools to handle it. For that reason, you'll really want some of these awesome and state-of-the-art Isreali bandages.

Isreali bandages conquer two of the most basic flaws of the traditional gauze and bandage system. One, they don't unravel if you drop them. When your hands are shaky in an emergency situation or the wind is blowing or it's just cold outside and hard to grip anything, this will be an excellent feature to have in your bandages.

Two, they come equipped with gauze already attached to the bandage, meaning you no longer have to fumble around stacking those thin strips of gauze and trying to hold them in place as you wrap the first couple of layers of the bandage.

The bandages' improvements are a significant advancement in an essential medical supply, and I know I'll be ordering some very soon.