(VIDEO) Why an Israeli Bandage is Something You NEED to Add to Your Bug Out Bag

Israeli Bandage

Overlooking medical supplies are one of the biggest mistakes that many preppers make when packing their bug out bags. Many simply grab a one-size-fits-all first aid kit and load it into their bug out vehicle or their bug out bag without ever opening the kit to take a look at what supplies are included.

Ignoring what else you may need can be a big mistake because if and when there is an emergency they have no idea to look for whatever supplies they may need. The main reason this is a big mistake, though, is because these kits are not often equipped with the best supplies. For that, you pretty much need to pack your own medical bag.

When packing your medical bag, be sure to include plenty of whatever medications you use most often, plenty of surgical and cutting tools (hopefully you won't need them, but you never know), and a small stockpile of Isreali Bandages. These aren't your typical cheap stretchy bandages that immediately soak through with a moderate wound.

To see exactly what makes the Isreali bandage so incredible, and why you should pack it, take a look at the video on the next page.

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