(Video) This Prepper Shows Us What it Takes to Survive During the Wintertime Using Bushcraft Techniques

winter bushcraft

Winter is a wonderful time of year. Unless SHTF in the wintertime and you need to bug out during a big chill. Then winter sucks. Do you have what it takes? Maybe you could learn a trick or two below.

What makes this video so useful is not only the skills she takes the time to show us, but also the gear she has elected to carry with her. Having proper boots in the winter is an absolute MUST, so getting an idea of what that might be is incredibly useful information to hold onto.

Above all, though, learning the tricks of what to carry for fire is very useful, too. Before she puts out her flame, she restocks her kit with more char material and warms her water bottle, which is a great trick to keep snug in your jacket when venturing back out into the woods.

Hopefully, you were able to take a few mental notes for your own kit.


  1. Ron Burger said:

    I like this. But living in cold country and working outside I would suggest she where gloves when ever possible. At the end of a day your hands can take a beating.