(VIDEO) This Make it Yourself Survival Medicine From Willow Bark is FREE and Effective!

using willow bark as survival medicine

It always amazes us the things we can find in nature that can be used in many different ways. Certain nuts can be utilized as flavorings as well as being an excellent source of protein. We’ve found leafs from some trees that make great teas, and then there are those items we seek out from the wilderness as medicines.

One of those is willow bark.

Honestly, and up front, it is not the tastiest of concoctions but it can fight some maladies, and it is incredibly easy to find! Why run to the grocery store and pay a small fortune, especially after the grid goes down when you can simply find a willow tree and make you own medication?

After the break check out Survivor Lilly’s video on willow bark. She will tell you exactly was it does, show you how to brew it, and even let you know a bit about the after effects. Learn more about this effective remedy!

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  1. Zach B said:

    This article is misleading in that it doesn’t list what kind of medication; I know willow bark has ASA in it which is the active ingredient in aspirin – just fyi in case you have a condition our on medication where aspirin is contraindicated
    (I didn’t watch the video, don’t know if that was covered in there)

  2. Seth Johnston said:

    Also in a drink form it is a laxative. Upset stomach for sure. Boil like as shown but wrap it around a wound for pain. Much better. Also not pooping your brains out. Also as stated before, if you are allergic to aspirin DO NOT use this. In either form.

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