(VIDEO) This Make it Yourself Survival Medicine From Willow Bark is FREE and Effective!

using willow bark as survival medicine

As always, for any serious medical condition we tell you to see your doctor. However, when push comes to shove, if you are looking for an all-natural remedy, willow bark is the way to go!

Again, from what Lilly has shown us here, this is not a good-tasting mixture but it does the job and if you can get past a momentary abdominal discomfort, you’ll be fine. Considering some say willows bark aids in constipation, maybe there is a good reason for the stomach ache!

Just remember, you can reach out to nature for so many things. Keep an eye open here and in other places on the internet to stay informed!


  1. Zach B said:

    This article is misleading in that it doesn’t list what kind of medication; I know willow bark has ASA in it which is the active ingredient in aspirin – just fyi in case you have a condition our on medication where aspirin is contraindicated
    (I didn’t watch the video, don’t know if that was covered in there)

  2. Seth Johnston said:

    Also in a drink form it is a laxative. Upset stomach for sure. Boil like as shown but wrap it around a wound for pain. Much better. Also not pooping your brains out. Also as stated before, if you are allergic to aspirin DO NOT use this. In either form.