(VIDEO) This is What You Should NEVER Be Caught Wearing Post Collapse. If You Do, You’ll Never Stand a Chance

what to wear during a collapse

In this episode of “What Not To Wear,” we look at the absolute worst wardrobe mistakes you can make when entering a SHTF situation.

When the bubble bursts and we all find ourselves entering back into the Stone Age again, many of us will be tempted to retreat to the woods and live out our days away from the rest of the decaying society. If that's your thought, more power to you. In that instance, it may be beneficial to have good camo at your bug out location so that you can hunt and survey your property without being seen by prying eyes.

However, if you are planning on leaving your home in the city dressed to the nines in full tactical gear, camo shirt and pants, and a military grade face mask and an assortment of weapons, guess who's the first one to get shot?

Yup, it's you.

To learn why donning full tactical gear in a SHTF situation is a really bad idea, take a look at the video on the next page.

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  1. Mark Brophy said:

    What happened with Katrina a d the gun confiscations was messed up. What he forgets is that in an emergency the authorities will will laugh in your face when you are quoting the constitution. When the sh!t hits the fan the constitution won’t be worth the paper it is written on. It is called martial law for a reason.

  2. David Smith said:

    I wouldn’t wear that crap anyway. It’s like bikers who dress normal every day of the week and on Saturdays get dressed up like they’re going to a Halloween party as Hell’s Angels.

    • Doc said:

      Bikers dress in leather to protect them if they go down. People who wear shorts, t-shirts, and tennis shoes while riding are morons. Just like you, some people comment about things that they know very little about.

  3. Obbop said:

    Try to avoid direct eye contact since that creates a connection between you and the one who has reacted to your gaze. Stay aware of your surroundings but when observing other people avoid looking higher than shoulder level. If a shout you believe may be directed at you do not respond. Do your best to continue on as you were before the shout was heard. There is a chance that IF the verbal message WAS aimed at you but the authority figure or possible person with evil intent is not intent upon interacting with you your ignoring that shout/order/demand/whatever could possibly have you going on your way and the one who shouted at you will select a different person who will respond as the typical American indoctrinated sheep does leaving you free to get the heck out of that area.

  4. James Hoppe said:

    There isn’t enough national guard to do it ….regular army and marines will be in the mix

  5. James Hoppe said:

    US military fatigues aren’t going to get you shot….neither is carrying a gun….but being stupid will

    Our military is not big enough to even cover every major city in a bad situation let alone the country side that will fall back to local sheriffs many of them will call the militia groups they belong to…

  6. James Hoppe said:

    This is why 3/4 of my neighbors are Amish …..and why I help them any time I can ….I stay put and not starve

  7. Alexander Robert Monaghan said:

    I’m in Kansas right by youder. Huge amish town. Good people. I make hand made boots. So it’s a good trade to make deals. God speed

  8. James Hoppe said:

    I moved here…because of them and because I have a brick house on top a hill….it’s no .50 proof but no 5.56 is going to blow through double brick 3/4 inch plank insulation then 3/8 pine inside lol…..plus open fields for 400 m minimum around it

  9. Alexander Robert Monaghan said:

    Good deal. That will do. Not too many guys have a 50 so you should be good. I’m hoping to get 15 archers here soon with a couple wells

  10. Devin Burleson said:

    What it fails to mention is that the reason the military came in was because armed gangs were firing on emergency personnel. There was no “confiscation in well-to-do neighborhoods,” the Marines went in to the city where armed gangs of looters and criminals were wreaking havoc.

  11. Walt Gibson said:

    You’re also failing to mention the times that law enforcement officers opened fire on unarmed refugees while they tried to escape.

    In a situation like that, law enforcement is not your friend.

  12. Matthew Ohs said:

    Probably around the time that one of the Police higher ups was just about “arrested” by the National Guard units for looting….

  13. Doc said:

    When the commanding general found out they were disarming citizens during Katrina, he told them to cease and desist. The liberal mayor, who is now in prison, ordered the confiscation of firearms.

  14. Kev said:

    UN and foreign troops and intel will be out there.

  15. J.M.Wells said:

    While I strongly agree with most of this video, I must take exception with your hair and beard. Since the earliest records of military have been kept long hair on the head is not recommended. It makes a great handhold in close combat. A close trimmed appearance is much harder to grab, be the attacker be a good guy or bad. Something to consider.